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Important Information for Summer Online

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Course Information

  • Each course is worth one (1) Yale College credit, the equivalent of four (4) credit hours.
  • Each course meets for five weeks, with specific start and end dates in either Summer Session A or Summer Session B.
  • Online work is not exclusively self-study, and you will need to be available to meet with the course in a live environment during the course of the 5-week session.
  • Summer courses are compressed to five weeks and taught at an accelerated pace resulting in a heavier weekly workload.  It is important to consider this when planning summer activities and applying for courses.
    • Yale Study Abroad or Global Summer Program students cannot take online courses concurrently.
    • There are no make-up or rescheduled exams for online courses, please verify that there are no conflicts with your course schedule.

Note: The course will have scheduled meeting times during the week and attendance online during these times is required.

Technical In​formation

  • Yale Summer Online utilizes the Canvas learning management system to deliver the course material, click here for Canvas system requirements. 
  • All courses include online discussion sections over the Zoom video conferencing system - system requirements
  • You need to have a way to transmit video. Cameras built into computer monitors are sufficient. For students that do not have a built-in camera on their computer, one can be purchased inexpensively. Here is an example.
  • We strongly urge you to have a wired Internet connection for the live discussion sections. 

Tip: Yale Summer Online courses feature weekly live video-based group meetings with faculty. It is essential that each participant have the requisite Internet speed of at least 2 Mb/s down / up.  Please use this link to check your speed from your summer course location - Check your speed.

Information For Current Yale College Students

  • Academic-year financial aid does not apply to any summer courses, including online courses. Summer scholarships may be applied, however, if you are currently eligible for financial aid.
  • Credit Limits for Online Courses  

Yale Summer Session courses taught exclusively online are offered in the summer as a way for students to take Yale College courses for credit without being in a physical classroom. Much of the learning is synchronous and the course work is equivalent to summer session courses taught in person, in New Haven. Online courses are designated by the letter “E” following the course number, e.g. ECON S115E. These courses may be used to fulfill distributional requirements and in some cases even requirements for the major if approved by the department.

The number of online Summer Session courses that may be applied to a Yale College degree is limited. No more than two such courses may be taken in any given summer, and no more than four online courses may be applied towards a Yale degree. A student must petition the Yale College Committee on Honors and Academic Standing for permission to exceed these limits. In the petition the student must explain the sound pedagogical reasons for an overload of online courses and how such work will not be done at the expense of study being pursued in regular Yale College courses. These limitations are only applicable to Yale College students.


  • You must be a current college student or have already been awarded a bachelors degree.
  • High school or pre-college students may apply to select online courses - see descriptions. To apply, you must be in your junior or senior year of high school at the time of application. Rising juniors are not eligible to attend.
  • You may only take two courses total (two online, one in residence and one online, or two in residence) during the same session.

Payment: For Credit Courses

  • The application fee of $75 is paid online with a credit card.
  • The tuition cost of $3,900 and technology fee of $85 must be paid no later than the last working day before the start of the course. Nonpayment will result in immediate disenrollment.
  • Payment must be made to Yale University by check or wire transfer. Click here for payment details.

Application Process: For Credit Courses

  • The application deadline for Session A courses is May 8, 2017 and for Session B courses the deadline is June 12, 2017.
  • Fill out the online application. Choose the online course denoted by the letter “E” at the end of the number. Make a careful note of the correct five digit CRN (course registration number) that appears in parentheses following the course number.
  • Visiting students must also send a copy of a current transcript if in college or high school, or a resume if beyond college for more than ten years. This transcript copy may be faxed (203 432-2434) or emailed as a .pdf to The application will be processed as soon as it is complete, i.e. we must have your online application and transcript or resume.
  • Accepted students will be notified immediately via email once they have been admitted to the course.

Non-Credit Course Option/Audit

Select online courses are available for audit (non-credit). Auditing an online course allows the student to access and experience a Yale College course without being responsible for the completion of assignments. When auditing a course online you will have access to the same course site, course materials, and assignment instructions - if you wish to complete them - as the for-credit students. In addition, you can participate in the live weekly online discussions. Grading of assignments will be at the discretion of the faculty. Audit fee: $395. Technology fee: $85. Registration is now closed.

German for Reading Course 2017 - GSAS

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences will offer an online, non-credit German for Reading course to assist students in satisfying their degree requirements. The course is open to Yale doctoral and visiting graduate students and will be held May 22 - June 23. Students will acquire skills for reading German language texts of any difficulty with some fluency. Study of syntax and grammar; practice in close reading and translation of texts in different genres in the humanities and sciences.  Upon successful completion of the course, the student will receive certification from the Graduate School bearing the course grade. These courses will not appear on transcripts issued by the University. Yale doctoral student tuition is funded by GSAS. Visiting student tuition: $800. GSAS 
Registration is now closed.