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Teaching English as a Foreign Language Seminar

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Program at a Glance

This course is designed for English as a Foreign language instructors who are interested in exploring American teaching methods. The course provides an examination and discussion of the basic principles of planning, implementing, and managing instruction in the EFL academic classroom. Through a variety of exploratory activities accompanied by careful readings on American culture and the philosophy of education, participants will form a strong foundation in attitudes, beliefs and values that are reflected in most American communicative approaches to language instruction.

Date: Dates: June 26 - August 4, 2017

The Specifics

This six-week immersion course provides opportunities for self-reflection, peer teaching and observation of on-going English language classes in the ELI program. The format of the class is mainly seminar and workshop, with opportunities for one-on-one meetings with our instructors. We will also provide several experiential events and fieldtrips, so that participants can examine and enjoy various aspects of American culture.

Throughout the course, participants will be asked to reflect on their own styles of teaching and to share their ideas and activities in an on-going conversation with colleagues and the ELI instructors. Participants will also be assigned both reading and writing assignments as well as photographic assignments so that they can document their own learning experience.

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the basic theories and concepts of second language instruction.
  • Use communicative language teaching techniques in their own classrooms, and have a deeper understanding of their own teaching styles.
  • Be able to use a variety of learning styles and learning skills in every lesson.
  • Critique and apply the assigned readings to their own pedagogy and academic scholarship.

This seminar offers practicing and aspiring teachers the the opportunity to develop their confidence in classroom English and learn new techniques for teaching.

Pin: Participants will be offered the opportunity to take trips in the local community.  In past years, participants have visited places such as:

  • The Yale Outdoor Education Center
  • Thimble Island Tour
  • Mark Twain’s House
  • Circle Boat Tour of New York City
  • NBA Hall of Fame
  • Outlet malls/Shopping trips

Sample Daily Schedule*

Class Days Times
Teaching Reading and Writing MTWTHF 9:00-10:45
Teaching Listening and Speaking MTWTHF 11:00 - 12:15
TEFL Workshops MTWTH 1:30 - 3:00
Master Class MTWTH 3:30-4:30
Experience American Culture F 1:30 - 4:30

*Individual schedules may vary. This is for reference only.

Application Requirements

Who should apply?

  • Teachers of high school and college English as a foreign language.
  • English teachers in training who want to improve their classroom English.
  • English teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of American literature or teaching methodology.

Point: This program is intended for non-native English speakers.

The following materials are required to complete an application to the Postgraduate Seminar:

  • Online application
  • Application fee and visa processing fee
  • Financial documents
  • Photocopy of passport