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Residential College Staff

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Get to know the Residential Staff!

Tip: Here is where you will learn about the summer staff who will be living with you in the residential colleges. Check back for updates!

Activities Coordinator

Sana Mojarradi

Always down for adventure, basketball, good conversation and mediocre-or-better food. Come say hi if you see me around, I'd love to meet you!

Buttery Managers

Shah Khan

Hi, my name is Shah Khan, and I’m an Applied Math major from Grayson, GA. This will be my third summer in New Haven, and I’m super excited for it. Some of my favorite things to do are lying in hammocks, playing kubb (look it up!), and cooking food. My favorite thing to eat in the Buttery is a Nutella and Cream Cheese sandwich.

Maddy O'Neal

I love dogs, Netflix, and cookie dough ice cream.  My favorite thing about summer is the sun (I'm from the Southwest!). My favorite item in the buttery is a buffalo chicken quesadilla with a fried egg inside!


Anita Norman

I am from Memphis, Tennessee, by way of Little Rock, Arkansas. I believe sunflowers talk to us and would much rather ride with the windows down. Though I am lactose intolerant, I support a chronic coffee ice cream habit.

Knowledge is the most valuable of currencies (aside from hope), so I’m an avid reader and curious about most things. I love to wear clip-on earrings from an antique store in my town, but they make my ears itch.

In all seriousness, I would like to welcome you here and invite you to chat with me at any time about any thing. 

Head of Summer Colleges

Dean Silverman

Welcome to Yale! As the Head of Colleges for YSS, I oversee residence life in the colleges. I earned my PhD in American Studies at the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘Em!) and served as Dean of Morse College at Yale from 2007 to 2017. I’ve taught American Studies seminars and writing courses for many years, and I am now the Director of Academic and Educational Affairs for Yale College. I’ve written articles for Masculinities, Judaism,  American Sexuality, and I am working on the biography of ACLU attorney Morris Ernst, who defended Ulysses in 1933. I enjoy hanging out with my wife and son and dog, watching Netflix, and jogging very, very slowly. This is my third summer as Head, and I love working alongside our outstanding YSS staff to bring the educational, social, and cultural experiences of the academic year to summer students!

Operations Coordinator

Fran Harris

Hi, I'm Fran Harris. My hometown is Mobile, Alabama on the Gulf Coast. I'm a rising senior at Yale, majoring in Applied Math. I hope to go to medical school. Outside of class, I swim on Yale's club team. I love watching terrible Bravo reality tv and Jeopardy, and I normally go to one or two music festivals a year. I can't wait to get to know all y'all! Always feel free to sit with me in the dining hall!

Residential Directors

Rehab Abdelwahab

I just graduated this past year with a degree in Global Affairs. My love for children and education has enabled me to create school curriculums used internationally, and I recently served as Qatar's Ambassador at the African Children's Educational Trust. I enjoy snow ball fights atop the Great Wall of China and spending quality time with my friends. Please say hi when you see me. I would love to get to know you. 

Nick Friedlander

Hey there! My name is Nick, and I just recently graduated Yale with a degree in psychology, where part of my research was figuring out how much dogs really understand about human emotions. I was a YSS counselor last summer, and will now be hanging out with all the summer Morsels as a residential director! Come talk to me about LGBTQ+ issues, where to get the best type of [insert food here] in New Haven, horror movies and scary TV shows, survival plans for the zombie apocalypse, lighting design, old cartoons (like original Spongebob and Pokemon), or anything else that interests you!

Brooke Lamell

Hi everybody! I'm Brooke Lamell, and I’m thrilled to be returning to YSS for my fifth summer and my second as your Daytime Residential Director. I graduated from Yale in May of 2016 with a B.S. in Astrophysics. While at Yale, I was in Davenport College, and I was heavily involved in the performing arts, so I was the Manager of the Yale Glee Club, the Managing Director of the Opera Theatre of Yale College, and part of the Yale Dramat. Now I’m based in Washington, D.C., where I’m studying at American University for a Master’s in Arts Management. In D.C., I manage the American University Symphony Orchestra and am the Finance Director of the annual Emerging Arts Leaders Symposium conference. I'm originally from perennially-perfect Santa Monica, California, and in my spare time, you can usually find me playing card games with friends and talking a lot over long meals filled with great desserts and laughter. Please come into the residential office to chat or grab a meal with me this summer - I'd love to get to know you!

Erin Ryan

Hi, I'm Erin, and I'm super excited for another summer of YSS!  This will be my fifth summer with YSS and my second summer as a Residential Director.  I graduated from Yale with a degree in Psychology in 2014.  Since then I've done online sales, worked as a stage management apprentice at a theater in Washington, and taught at a Montessori school in New Haven.  I also enjoy playing with puppies, watching cartoons, and organizing things.

Residential Office Assistants

Stephen Irving

Hi! I’m Stephen and I’m a sophomore here at Yale. I'm a big soccer fan and am also in a dance group called Danceworks. In my free time I like to talk to friends, hang out in the dining hall, or relax in the buttery. I love meeting new people so if you see me in the Residential Office or just hanging around, feel free to say hi!

Eli Westerman

Hi everyone! I'm a rising senior from Hot Springs, Arkansas. I'm quite proud of being from Arkansas; along with some friends I started The Arkansas Society, Yale's best "state" club. Also at Yale, I'm involved in the Yale Political Union, Yale Students for Christ, and Yale Outdoors. I spend most of my extracurricular time mentoring New Haven middle and high school students through my church, Trinity Baptist. Academically, I double major in chemical engineering and classical civilization (although I'm quite interested in philosophy and literature). I love New Haven and have enjoyed exploring it so far at Yale. I can suggest some cool things to do in the Elm City if you like! My life goals are to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, eat all the best barbecue in the South, and to see the Arkansas Razorbacks win the college football national championship.

Senior Counselors

Eva Gerber

I’m Eva, and I’m a rising junior in Morse college.  I’m a Chemistry and MB&B major, and I work at the art gallery.  I love Jane Austen, Jane Austen spin-offs, hot beverages, napping, and YSS.  I’m so excited to come back to YSS as a senior counselor!

Julie Guthrie

I grew up on a beef cattle farm in Southwest Virginia with 2 younger brothers and a dog. I graduated in 2017 with a BS in Chemistry and played on the club Ultimate frisbee team while at Yale. My favorite food is my grandmother's scalloped apples. This will be my third summer with YSS.

Andrew Hurst

Hi everyone. I am excited to talk to you about all things rock wall climbing and surfing. Please don't hesitate to say hello when you see me. 

Brandon Ortiz

Hi everyone! My name is Brandon and I am a rising senior in Morse College majoring in Chemical Engineering. I'm from Brooklyn, New York and have 4 sisters (2 older and 2 younger), and an older brother. In my free time I enjoy playing volleyball for the Yale Men's Club Volleyball team or representing Morse in any IM sport, hanging out with friends, and reading comics. If you don't see me running around and being active, you'll probably find me being woken up by a friend, as I have the uncanny ability to fall asleep anywhere and anytime. I look forward to meeting all of you!

Ferra Pinnock

Hello all!  I am a recently graduated Chemical Engineering ('017!!!) major, looking forward to spending my final New Haven summer as a YSS Senior Counselor. Furthermore, I'm a proud southerner, who originally hails from the heart of the dirty south (aka Atlanta, GA). In my free time, I enjoy just about anything that involves food, books, and more food. If you catch me at a study break or lounging outside (novel in hand of course!) be sure to holler. The only things I love more than eating and reading is meeting new people :)

STARS Counselor

Alondra Arguello

I recently graduated with a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and was born and raised in New Haven, CT. I worked as a high school instructor for the science program, Evolutions, enjoy helping high school students prepare for college, and was a part of the Yale Latin dance team: Sabrosura. I love to travel and enjoy learning about other people and cultures. You may find me going for a jog on the Payne Whitney gym track, hanging out with dogs, or eating Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge brownie ice cream! I am super excited to meet all of you guys.

YSS Counselor

Ludivine Brunissen

My name is Ludivine and I'm a rising junior majoring in Neuroscience, originally from France. I like climbing tall cliffs, making cool things in the CEID, petting other people's dogs and the smell of Arethusa's waffle cones.

Annabel Chyung

Hi! My name is Annabel, and I'm from Miami, Florida. I'm a rising junior in Morse College, and I'm majoring in Psychology/Neuroscience. I've been playing the violin since I was 7 years old, so I'm an avid fan of classical music, in addition to Broadway shows, food, books, and Netflix. Looking forward to meeting you all very soon!

Cody Clements

I am a rising Junior in Davenport College and a high jumper on Yale's Varsity Track and Field Team.  I am double-majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and Economics.  I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with my life yet, but I think being an anesthesiologist would be exciting and rewarding.  Other than track and field,  I like to spend time watching college football, hiking, traveling, eating chocolate and taking long walks on the beach.

Alejandra Corona Ortega

Even though I was born and raised until the age of twelve in Mexico, I have lived in New Haven, CT for eight years, so I consider it my home. I love spicy food. My favorite current show is Jane the Virgin but my all-time favorite is still Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also know every song from the musical Hamilton.

Maxine Dillon

Hey there! I'm Maxine, a rising adult majoring in The Workforce, and when I'm supposed to be productive, you can probably find me watching The Office on other people's Netflix accounts, investing a lot of time on Neopets, or making dank memes.

Harold Dorsey

Hi I’m Harold. I am from Maryland and a rising Junior at Yale University. I’m very excited for the sun and absence of winter that we'll have for the next couple of months. I can’t wait to get to meet everyone!

Casey Flint

Hello, my name is Casey Flint.  I am from Savannah, GA, and am a rising Junior in Jonathan Edwards, majoring in chemical engineering.  On campus, I am part of Naval ROTC, do research, and swim/water polo. I am a HUGE fan of key lime pie and making pottery.  In my free time, I play competitive poker and dabble in powerlifting.

Tiffany Fomby

Singing, getting to know people (especially over coffee), and eating make me happy! I'm a Theater Studies Major and am passionate about art in general!  I can't wait to meet you all!

Hannah Greene

​Hi guys! My name is Hannah and I'm a senior African American Studies major in Timothy Dwight College. Find me re-reading Harry Potter and eating Peach ice cream with gummy bears on top from Ashley's somewhere this summer. Also, good memes are my favorite things on this earth so please share your collection with me.

Owais Khan

Hi YSS! I love broccoli with hot sauce on top, cheesy movies, and traveling with my friends. Need some good music tip, hit me up. I look forward to getting to know each of you. 

Kristy Kim

My name is Kristy Kim and I originally hail from Daytona Beach, Florida. I'm a sophomore majoring in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and engage in immunobiology research at the Yale School of Medicine. In addition to research, I am a GED tutor at the Manson Youth Correctional Institute and advise high school students from across the U.S. on the college application process with the organization, Matriculate. I simply cannot live without coffee and you will see me frequent Blue State almost daily. I'm extremely excited for the summer and cannot wait to meet you all!

Brian Kitano

My name is Brian Kitano, and I'm a junior in Branford College. I am a Computer Science and Applied Math double major, and love to teach and tutor.  I love playing squash at Payne Whitney, hiking at Sleeping Giant, and going to farmer's markets in the summer. I'm always looking for a squash partner, so please reach out if you're looking to learn!

Victor Kogo

Hi there! Welcome to summer session! My name is Victor, a rising senior in Berkeley College from Western Kenya, majoring in Political Science (International Relations & International Development ID). I love running (they call it track here for some reason), drinking chai (duh!), playing soccer, dancing to everything from Naija to Martin Garrix. I look forward to meeting all of you and hearing your stories. Make sure to shout a Hi! wherever you see me!

Haleigh Larson

Hi, my name is Haleigh and I'm from snowy, cold Fargo, North Dakota. I'm majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry and am fascinated by genetics. I love to write and attend guest seminars and events held by nearly all of Yale’s departments. I'll be editing Yale's e360 magazine and performing clinical lab work this summer. I look forward to spending time with all of you and enjoying Yale during the summer months, there is plenty to do!

Me'Lena Laudig

I am a rising junior from Amarillo, Texas, a land of tumbleweeds and dust storms. On campus, I study Ethnicity, Race, and Migration and Religious Studies and am involved in performance groups and Christian fellowship. I believe that one of my deepest life callings is to consume as much chocolate as possible, and I have done a good job fulfilling it. I am super excited to get to know and spend time with you all this summer!

Nathan Lin

Hi I'm Nathan, a rising junior in Saybrook College! I'm a Computer Science major, peer tutor, cellist, and club frisbee player. My favorite book is Farmer Boy, and I love Cranberry Dark Chocolate Chunk from Arethusa!

Fadzai Mataru

Hi YSS! I'm a rising junior in Berkeley College studying Mechanical Engineering. I am from Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and if you want to know more about where I'm from or chat about being an international student or really about anything, hit me up! :)

Jayanta Mondal

Hi, I am Jay, a sophomore at hoppers college. I am BME major, and I love playing basketball. My favorite snack is mint, chocolate chip, ice cream.

Spencer Munroe

Hey, I am a rising Senior in Ezra Stiles College from New Haven. I am a pre-med MCDB major who enjoys basketball, soccer, FIFA, and a bit of skating. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone and hope to make this a memorable summer.

Chidera Osuji

My name is Chidera and I am a rising junior at Yale double majoring in Economics and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration. Though originally from Nigeria, my family lives in the metropolitan Atlanta area. During the academic year, I devote most of my free time to my acapella group, Shades of Yale, an education access program called Matriculate, and my on campus job. I'm excited to meet you guys and experience the beauty of New Haven in the summer.

Zachary Page

I'm a math major. I like to compose music, sing a cappella, and play classical and jazz piano. The greatest joy New Haven has to offer is the GHev (Good Nature Market) roast beef sandwich with portobello mushroom, Brie, spinach, honey mustard and avocado in a spinach wrap. Truly life-changing.

Diyu Pearce-fisher

Hi everyone! My name is Diyu, and I'm a rising junior in Berkeley College originally from the suburbs of New York City. I'm studying biomedical engineering and plan on applying to medical school, but I really love music and the arts. I can't wait to get know everyone and have a great summer!

Pulith Peiris

Hey YSS! Wherever you might see me, please don't hestiate to say hello. I love a good book, french fries, fireworks, and candle making. See, my interests are varied, so basically, I will talk to you about anyting. :)

Cole Rianda

I am a senior Psychology student in Silliman College. I come from a small town in California in an area considered the "Salad Bowl of the World". I love keeping up with esports, hearing about good anime, chatting about politics or philosophy, and reading mystery novels. Fun fact: I raised pigs for six years when I was younger.

Khyber Shepperd

Hello Everyone! My name is Khyber Shepperd and I am a rising Senior majoring in Music. I am a member of an A Capella Group, The Society of Orpheus and Bacchus, as well as a member of the Yale Precision Marching Band. I enjoy playing video games, going on hikes, and sleeping in the sun. I can't wait to meet you all!

Diego Sialer

Hi my name is Diego Sialer, and I am an upcoming Junior majoring in Molecular and Cellular Developmental Biology. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, so it comes as no surprise that I am a big fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide. In my free time, I enjoy listening to new music, hiking to see stellar views, and occasionally throwing the rugby ball around.

Eyrica Sumida

My name is Eyrica, and I’m a rising junior in Morse College, majoring in Molecular, Cellular, Developmental Biology. I am from Honolulu, Hawaii, and one of my favorite things to do at home is go to the beach and eat acai bowls. I love reading, baking, and trying new foods, and I am really excited to go to some of the new restaurants in New Haven this summer!

Sarah Wilkins

I’m a rising senior in Morse College majoring in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. At Yale, I compete on the Model UN team, conduct research in a lab, am a first-year orientation trip leader, and am on the ski team. I am a total cat person. In my free time, I love watching Netflix or Youtube videos of free-skiing (but I'm too scared to try it myself!), running, being outdoors, and snacking.

Jamar Williams

Hi! My name is Jamar and I actually just graduated from Yale in May. I'm originally from Seattle, Washington and majored in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. One of my favorite things to do here at Yale is to go on long runs and reward myself with a scoop of strawberry ice cream from Arethusa at the end (though pistachio has been growing on me lately).

Craig Wojtala

Hey guys, 

Welcome to Yale Summer Session. I am from THE great state of Ohio. I especially love chicken dining hall chicken and buttery nachos- throw in an oreo milkshake, too. People say I'm pretty funny, and though I consider myself pretty humble, I think they're right. Come to me for a laugh.