Policies and Regulations 2015

As a condition of enrollment in Yale Summer Session, every student is required to comply with the Academic Regulations. Students are expected to familiarize themselves with these regulations; an assertion of ignorance of their provisions cannot be accepted as a basis for an exception to them. No student or group of students should expect to be warned individually to conform to any of the regulations contained on this Web site. Students are advised to pay special attention to all deadlines.

Course Changes
Dropping a Course or Withdrawing
Electronic Submission of Work
Full-time Enrollment
Incomplete Work at the End of Session


Admission to any course or program is based on individual qualifications and is competitive. Some courses have enrollment caps, most do not. These can be found in the course description. Admission is also contingent on the absence of pending disciplinary matters.


Yale undergraduates receive Yale College credit for courses taken in Yale Summer Session. There is no limit on the number of on-campus courses in the Yale Summer Session that a Yale College student may offer toward the requirements for the bachelor's degree, however, online courses will have a limit of four courses that can be applied towards a Yale degree. A maximum of two online courses can be taken per summer by Yale College students. Yale Summer Session does not constitute a term of enrollment in Yale College.

Yale Summer Session does not grant graduate credit. Yale graduate students wishing to apply for graduate credit must make arrangements in writing, prior to the start of the course, with the instructor, the Dean of Yale Summer Session, and the dean of the student's graduate or professional school. Non-Yale graduate students wishing to be granted graduate credit must make arrangements with their home institution. Yale Summer Session does not certify any of its courses for graduate credit, nor can individual instructor do so.

Students who wish to transfer Yale Summer Session credit to other colleges and universities are advised to consult with the appropriate academic authorities at their home institutions in advance. One Yale College course credit is the equivalent of four semester hours.

Full-time Enrollment

Students are considered to be enrolled full-time if they take two course credits during a 5- week session. Students enrolled in a science course with laboratory during a 5-week session are also considered to be enrolled full-time, as are students in an 8-or 10-week language course.

Students wishing to enroll for more than two course credits per session must furnish evidence (such as a letter from a dean or other academic adviser) that they are likely to succeed in an unusually heavy program of study. Pre-college students may not take more than 2 credits in a single session under any circumstances. It is preferable to apportion summer courses over two sessions rather than concentrate more than two courses in a single session. Under no circumstances may a student enroll in more than three credits in one session. Students taking an 8-or 10-week language course may take no more than one additional credit per session.

For Yale College Students Only:

Yale Summer Session courses taught exclusively online are offered in the summer as a way for students to take Yale College courses for credit without being in a physical classroom. Much of the learning is synchronous and the course work is equivalent to summer session courses taught in residence. Online courses are designated by the letter “E” following the course number, e.g. ECON S-115E. These courses may be used to fulfill distributional requirements and in some cases even requirements for the major if approved by the department.

The number of online Summer Session courses that may be applied to a Yale College degree is limited. No more than two such courses may be taken in any given summer, and no more than four online courses may be applied towards a Yale degree. A student must petition the Yale College Committee on Honors and Academic Standing for permission to exceed these limits In the petition the student must explain the sound pedagogical reasons for an overload of online courses and how such work will not be done at the expense of study being pursued in regular Yale College courses.


Students enrolled in Yale Summer Session will be graded in accordance with Yale College standards as follows:

A  Excellent

A– B+

B Good

B– C+

C  Satisfactory

C– D+

D  Passing


F  Fail

The "Credit/D/Fail" option does not apply to summer courses.

Final Grades and Transcripts

Grades will be available on line within one month of the end of each session on the Yale University Student Systems Web site. The Summer Session Office will mail final grade reports to students at their permanent home addresses by mid-September upon request only. Grades will not be given over the telephone or by e-mail under any circumstances. Grade reports for any session will not be issued to any student who is financially indebted to the University.

Official transcripts may be ordered at the Office of the Registrar, Yale University,

P.O. Box 208321, New Haven, CT 06520-8321. A transcript order must include the Student ID Number and signature of the student or former student requesting the transcript. The charge for each transcript is $7. For more information see the Registrar's Office Web site. Transcripts will not be issued to any student who is financially indebted to the University.

Yale College students only: courses completed in Yale Summer Session will be entered on the Yale College record automatically. When a course in Yale Summer Session is entered on a student's Yale College transcript, both the course and the grade are recorded; the course may not be recorded without the grade. If a course in Yale Summer Session is entered on the Yale College transcript, it will be included in the calculations of the student's eligibility for General Honors.

Yale College students—except those funded entirely or in part by the International Summer Award (ISA)—may elect to have a Summer Session course withheld from the Yale College transcript by completing a form at the Registrar’s Office by September 28 immediately following the summer term.  Students whose summer course or courses are funded entirely or in part by the International Summer Award (ISA) may not elect to withhold or suppress from their Yale transcript either the credits or the grades earned from the course or courses abroad.  After the September 28th deadline, eligible Yale College students may request to have a Summer Session course that had previously been withheld entered on the Yale College transcript, or, in the case of a course that had been entered by default by the Registrar's Office, removed from the Yale College transcript, upon payment of a processing fee of $35 per course. Once a Summer Session course has been entered or removed from the Yale College transcript in response to a student's request, that action cannot subsequently be reversed by the student.

Course Changes

Because of the brevity of summer sessions, students are urged to select their courses with care. Students are admitted into specific courses to which they have applied. Admission to Summer Session is an admission to these courses, and admission guarantees each student a space in the course(s) to which he or she has been admitted. Any subsequent change in course selection requires approval from Summer Session, and approval is contingent on remaining space and qualifications of the applicant. Course changes can therefore not be guaranteed. For online courses, course addition requests can be made no later than five calendar days prior to the start of class for each session.

All requests for course changes must be made in writing. Additions, drops, or substitutions can be made after a student has been admitted but before classes start by submitting a request online. The first request for course changes is free of charge, a second or subsequent request for course changes incurs a $60 fee. Course change requests and current course enrollments may be confirmed through the student information system at www.yale.edu/sis.

Students confirm their course selections at registration prior to the start of classes. Additions or substitutions after the start of classes are permitted only in exceptional cases and require the written permission of the instructor and the Dean of Summer Session. Requests are processed with an add/drop form that can be picked up at the Summer Session office. Requests can be made no later than 4 p.m. on Friday of the first week of classes for the session in question, although adding a course late in the first week may prove difficult or not possible. No course changes will be permitted after that date. A course change fee will apply. See under "Financial Information."

Dropping a Course or Withdrawing

To drop a course or to withdraw entirely from Summer Session after arrival, a student must come to the Summer Session Office and complete the appropriate form. Non-attendance or non-registration does not constitute withdrawal. For information regarding tuition refunds, please see under "Financial Information."

Students may drop a course until the last day of classes for a given session. However, if a student remains in a course after the midpoint of the session, the mark W (for Withdrew) will appear on the transcript in association with that course. The mark of W is a neutral designation indicating simply that the student has been enrolled in, but has withdrawn from, a course; while the course obviously carries no credit, the W implies no evaluation of a student's work and carries no implication of failure.

Yale College reserves the right to require a student to withdraw from Yale Summer Session for medical reasons when, on recommendation of the Director of University Health Services (or,in the case of a student with emotional problems, on recommendation of the Chief of the Division of Mental Hygiene), the Dean of Summer Session determines that the student is a danger to self or others because of a serious medical problem, or that the student has refused to cooperate with efforts deemed necessary by the University Health Services to determine whether the student is such a danger.

A student may also be involuntarily withdrawn by the Dean of Yale Summer Session from a course or the entire program based on serious and persistent disruptive behavior in class, excessive absences, or other serious violations of Yale’s regulations. A student may be withdrawn involuntarily from on-campus housing by the Summer Master for serious violations of the housing regulations (see the Student Handbook for a full description of these regulations).

Incomplete Work at the End of Session

A missed examination or work that is incomplete on the final day of classes can be made up only with the permission of the instructor and the written permission of the Dean of Yale Summer Session. Permission to complete or make up work must be requested in writing prior to the end of the course. The work must be completed as soon as possible but no later than thirty days after the last day of classes of the session in question. Deadlines will be determined in each individual case. If a student fails to meet the assigned deadline, the student will receive a grade calculated without the benefit of the missing work.

Electronic Submission of Course Work

Students should be especially careful with work submitted electronically, for example, by e-mail or using a kind of dropbox. Electronic submission of course work can be made only with prior arrangement with the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the work has been received, and students should request a receipt confirmation from the instructor.


Summer courses are very intensive, with an entire semester apportioned to just 4 or 5 weeks. Attendance of every class meeting is therefore a requirement in all courses, including online course discussion sections. Any issues regarding attendance should be discussed with the course instructor in a timely fashion. There are no dean's excuses during the summer. Requests for extensions or make-up work must be directed to the course instructor.

Nonattendance or excessive absences may result in a student being placed on cut restriction and possibly removed from the course. See the Student Handbook for details. Arriving late for the start of the session is not acceptable and will not be allowed under any circumstances. Likewise, leaving early and still receiving credit for a course is not permitted. Any student must attend a course for the entire session in order to receive credit.


Auditing is not allowed in courses taught in New Haven or abroad. Auditing is permitted in select online courses only. Please refer to the online course descriptions on the Yale Summer Session website.