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Weekly Events on Campus

This above calendar will include all YSS trips and other one-time events throughout the summer. Please note, these events are for students who are living on campus.

Trip Sign-Up

Any student living on campus who is part of YSS, ELI, or FSY may sign up for any Summer Session trip.

Trip sign-ups and payment collection will be held at a table in the front of Berkeley Dining Hall entrance on Monday-Friday, 5:00 - 7:30 PM. For each trip, students interested in attending must sign up (name and contact information, no payment) on Monday or Tuesday to be entered into the lottery for that trip. On Tuesday night, the Activities Coordinator will email students to let them know if they have won a spot on the trip. On Wednesday, those students MUST return to pay in Berkeley Dining Hall, 5:00 - 7:30 PM, to guarantee their spot. If they fail to do so, their spot will be relinquished. On Thursday and Friday, any remaining spots will be open to any student on a first-come, first-served basis. Students must pay immediately when signing up on Thursday or Friday.

The Lottery Policy applies to our popular weekend trips. Students may also sign up for free trips and for trips that take place during the week in advance, but people can also just show up at the bus to attend those and those spots are available first-come, first-serve. For the weekend lottery trips, winners will be randomly selected from Monday and Tuesday lottery entries to attend the trip; the wait lists for these will henceforth be prioritized in the order in which people initially sign up:

Monday and Tuesday: Sign ups only (name, email, phone number)
Wednesday and Thursday: Lottery Winner Confirmations only (co-pay to confirm attendance)
Friday: Waitlist Opening Confirmations, if any remaining spots become available after the wait-list is depleted they are first come, first serve with payment.

ELI and FSY also have their own trips, which are available only to students in these programs. Some of these ELI and FSY specific trips may be included in our Activities Calendar with the header [ELI] or [FSY], but these students should contact their own program coordinators for the most up-to-date information. These sign-ups will be conducted separately, and they will not be covered by YSS counselors.

Movie Tickets

Movie tickets will be sold for $5 apiece in the Residential Office during open hours (see Residential Office). These are ticket vouchers, which may be exchanged at the Criterion Cinemas theater for a ticket to any movie at any time (no expiration date). A student may purchase up to 2 tickets at a time from the Residential Office.

An additional $3 will be required at the theater if the movie is 3D. For the movie schedule and other information about the theater please visit their website.