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What are elective classes?

ELI elective classes give students an opportunity to focus on your particular interests and learn more about American culture. The courses vary from year to year.  About two weeks before your program starts, we will send you an email with the elective classes offered this year, and you may fill out a form to select your classes.

2017 Elective Classes

Title Description
American Etiquette The U.S., while one of the most diverse nations in the world, does have a unified set of cultural norms and etiquette protocols. But in such a multi-ethnic and fast-paced society, what is considered polite and what might be taken as rude?  Come join this interactive class designed to upgrade your social skills and make you a more confident student, tourist, or businessperson.  Learn everything from common dining-out practices (how to tip! how to eat a lobster!) to proper business etiquette (from greetings to meetings) and everything in between including good manners while shopping, using public transportation, and engaging in polite conversation.
Gender and Popular Culture in America American media has always had an interesting and complicated relationship with gender. In this class, we'll engage with popular magazines, movies, and guest speakers to talk about what gender and culture means in the US. No prior experience needed, but you will broaden your cultural vocabulary in this class. You'll practice listening and comprehension, broaden your cultural and idiomatic vocabulary, and boost casual conversation confidence while looking at the things that shape American understandings of gender, feminism, and equality in the United States.
Social Issues in America Have you ever had lively discussions with family and/or friends about what’s wrong with society today?  Whether you answer “yes” or “no,” now you can do so in English!  Please come and join your classmates from around the globe to enthusiastically agree and respectfully disagree about societal topics which are important to you all.  In this class, all students will: a) collaborate and create a list of hot topics for discussion, b) have a chance to lead a discussion, and c) participate actively in conversations while encouraging classmates to employ techniques which will foster the self-correction of grammatical mistakes.  Let’s talk and learn from one another.
Video Production Workshop Practice everyday conversation and persuasion as you work in teams to develop, film, edit, and share memorable videos. No previous experience is required.
Pronunciation This course will help you learn how to sound “more American.”  We will enjoy studying and applying advanced techniques of American pronunciation, using basic concepts involving: individual sound production, rhythm, intonation, and phrasing while discussing a variety of topics.  
Be a Poet—in English! The Be a Poet course allows you to study the rules of English by breaking them while making poetry! You don’t have to have any experience with poetry in any language to take this course. We will read some American poems and play with words and punctuation in a workshop style. Before you know it, you’ll be writing poems in English! We will begin with simple exercises and move into more elaborate poetic play. The work we do will strengthen your fluency in English by introducing you to new vocabulary, helping you understand the way connotation and idioms work, and making you feel how punctuation helps to create meaning. We will help each other and have fun, and at the end of the summer session, we will collect and share our poetic creations. You don’t have to be a great writer in English to be a poet at ELI this summer. Come join us!
Sports in the USA Practice conversation and idiomatic speech through the colorful vocabulary of four popular American sports: baseball, American football, basketball and ice hockey. 
Business Games: Building Your People Skills Success in business requires communication and persuasion. Build your verbal and non-verbal skills through small group role-plays on negotiation, team building, job interview skills and running effective meetings.
Professional Presentation Skills No matter how good or important a message is, if it's not delivered in an interesting and effective way, chances are it won't be heard at all.  In this course, students will have the opportunity to learn how to deliver presentations that get results.  From dynamic introductions to powerful closings, participants will have an opportunity to practice and refine their professional presentation skills.
American Film Classics: Touchstones in American Pop Culture

You will be more comfortable and confident in casual conversation with your American peers when you are familiar with the frequent reference to popular films. We will focus on American films from the past 30 years that all Americans are familiar with and reference often in conversation and on television.

American Idioms and English Proverbs Non-native speakers of English - even if they understand standard literary American English - may feel frustrated and confused when they hear idiomatic expressions since the true meaning of the idiom generally cannot be determined by a knowledge of its component parts.This course is designed to help non-native English speakers to understand the basic meaning of idioms and use them in appropriate situations. In this course, you will also learn to understand American English and Culture through commonly used sayings and English proverbs.
TOEFL Preparation In this course, students will develop the language and examination strategies needed for the TOEFL, improving their test-taking skills in English. The course starts with an introduction to the iBT format and a general overview of the sections, structure, and grading of the TOEFL exam.  Students will then learn about the different types of questions contained in the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections of the test.  Finally, students will be provided with opportunities to take a few practice tests for each section.