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Note: Our application will open on February 15, 2021. We will announce programming for Summer 2021 in early 2021.

Yale - Smithsonian Course

As part of a collaboration between Yale University and the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum and research complex, Yale Summer Session is offering one course that expands the boundaries of the classroom, with a field trip to Washington D.C. that will allow you to take your learning to the source this summer.

The Yale-Smithsonian course is open to Yale College students and visiting college students. Enrollment is limited to 12 students.

Course Offered in 2020

American History in National Museums (AMST S313/ER&M S322/HIST S125)

An introduction to select topics in U.S. history that encourages critical, informed analysis of how those topics are currently represented by the Smithsonian. This course will focus on the 20th-century United States, on the development of the Smithsonian as an institution, and on research and interpretive practices used by museum curators. Participants will visit and analyze how museums in Washington D.C. present national history to a diverse public. 1 Credit. Tuition $4,550.

Note: Students in the course will depart for Washington D.C. on Thursday, June 11 at 5pm and return on Sunday, June 14. If you are taking a second course in Yale Summer Session, you should choose one that does not meet on Thursday evenings or on Fridays in order to participate in the trip. Trip expenses will be covered by the Yale-Smithsonian Partnership.

Tuition and Fees

Item Amount
Tuition - American History in National Museums (1 credit) $4,550
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $75

For other fees and residential costs, please visit our Tuition and Fees page. All tuition and fees, including room and meal charges, must be paid in full three weeks before your course begins.

Financial Assistance

Yale Summer Session offers financial assistance to Yale College students on financial aid (financial assistance is not available for visiting students). Yale Colllege students can receive financial assistance for half (50%) tuition on up to two course credits. Students who have attended Summer Session previously will have the application fee waived. 

More information about financial assistance may be found on our Financial Assistance page.

Summer 2020 application is now closed.