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Summer Health and Safety

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Note: The Yale Summer Session Community will be governed by the Health and Safety Guidelines established by the University.  Staff and students who do not comply with the guidelines may be asked to leave campus.

Community Compact and Training

All staff and students are required to sign the Summer Compact and to complete the Return to Campus Training found on the YaleHub. Staff and students will not be permitted to move into their rooms until they have fulfilled this requirement.

Arrival Quarantine

All staff and students will take a COVID-19 test upon arrival.  (Staff and students will sign up for a testing slot when they sign in for a move-in slot.).  Everyone must quarantine.  Fully vaccinated staff and students will be released from quarantine if their arrival test comes back negative (typically 24 hours).  Non-vaccinated and partially-vaccinated staff and students must remain in quarantine until they receive two additional negative COVID-19 test results (typically 6 days).

Routine COVID-19 Testing

Vaccinated staff and students are excused from regular testing. Non-vaccinated and partially-vaccinated staff and students will test twice per week.  Testing days are Tuesday and Friday, from 8 a.m. to noon.

Daily Health Checks (updated June 10, 2021)

Students and staff who have submitted and confirmed their vaccination documentation are released from the Daily Health Check.  Please note that students and staff are not considered fully vaccinated until their records appear in the system.  Until then, students and staff are required to participate in the testing requirement and must complete the Daily Health Check.

All unvaccinated or partially vaccinated staff and students are required to complete a Daily Health Check

Masks and Social Distancing (updated June 1, 2021)

Masks must be worn indoors except when an individual is alone or with suitemates in a segregated space, such as a dormitory room. Masks are not required in outdoor spaces except in gatherings and crowds. Staff and students should observe social distancing guidelines, maintaining a six foot distance except with housemates or suitemates.

Vaccination Reporting:

Students who document full vaccination (2 weeks from your last dose of vaccine) will be excused from routine testing. In addition, fully vaccinated students are not required to quarantine if they are a contact of a case.

Please get the COVID vaccine as soon as possible!  Unless Yale has your COVID vaccination on record, we won’t be able to excuse you from routine testing. Once you’ve received both doses of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine or the single dose J & J vaccine, please upload your COVID-19 vaccination record to the Yale Vaccine Program. (If you were vaccinated by Yale Health at the Lanman Center you do not need to upload your information.) 

Vaccination Clinic

Summer students who are unable to access vaccine prior to arrival will be asked to schedule vaccination on campus. A vaccine clinic will be available on Wednesday June 9th. Information on scheduling vaccination will follow.

If you have received the first dose of one of the vaccines at home, you will be able to get the second dose when you come to YSS.  For more information on how to get the second dose at Yale, please contact the CCLR Information Line at 203-432-6604.

Events and Gatherings

All YSS events must comply with University guidelines, which can be found here. Staff and students should note that no more than 10 people may gather inside, and no more than 20 may gather outside. Larger gatherings must be approved in advance by the Health and Safety Leader (HSL) and Head of Summer Colleges.  See the Activities Coordinator for more information.  In all instances, participants must follow the posted guidelines.  No food and drink may be served at any event, indoors or outside. 

All private (in residence) gatherings of 8-10 people must be registered in advance.  To register gatherings of 8-10 people, use the form found here.

Travel Outside of Connecticut

Staff and students are strongly discouraged from travelling outside Connecticut except for essential reasons during the summer term(s) in which they are working or enrolled.  Students and staff who must travel outside the state must request permission to travel from the HSL.


No visitors are permitted in the Summer Residential Colleges.  This prohibition includes non-Yale College visitors as well as Yale College students who are not residing in the Summer Residential Colleges.

Public Health Coordinators (PHCs)

A team of PHCs reside in the Summer Residential Colleges.  This summer, they will continue to support community health and wellness during this phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Meet the Summer PHCs.

Community Concerns

You may report a concern or suspected violation of the Community Compact here

Note: For Additional Information on Summer Health Guidelines and Compliance, see the Yale College COVID-19 FAQs.