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Welcome! We’re excited that you're interested in learning more about Yale Summer Session. 

Find the answers to frequently asked questions in the following categories:



To learn more about the programs we offer, take a look at our Academics page.

Application & Payment Deadlines

To view the application & payment deadlines for the program you are interested in, visit our Dates and Deadlines page.

How to Pay

To find information about how to pay, visit our How to Pay page.

Important Information for Students Living on Campus

The student's room will be furnished with a twin bed, mattress, pillow, blanket, dresser, desk, and chair. Participants should bring their own sheets (twin, extra-long) and towels, as well as a lamp and a fan, if desired. Household items (including lamps and sheets) are available for purchase at the Yale Bookstore.

Most students bring laptops, which they can connect to Yale's campus-wide wireless network. Computer clusters with printers are available in the residential colleges and libraries. There is a small fee for printing.

Residential counselors will be living with students in the residential college. They are assigned individual students and will be in charge of your student's curfew (if under 18) and if a student wishes to leave campus.

Tip:All essestial information for students living on campus can be found here.

Check in Dates and Times

Please refer to Registration and Housing Check In for more information about arrival to campus and for information about dates if you need to make travel arrangements to get to New Haven, CT.

Residential Activities

Students who are living on campus may participate in a wide range of activities. The residential staff plan events on and off campus which include but is not limited to intramural sports, movie nights, field trips to nearby attractions, and study breaks. Some may include a small fee for participation. Visit the activities calendar to learn more about extracurricular trips and activities.

Important Information for all Summer Session Students

Regardless of whether a student is living on or off-campus, all students should visit our page Essential Items for All Summer Session Students to learn more about the many aspects of participating in Yale Summer Session.

The Student Handbook

Please view the Yale Summer Session Student Handbook

Where to Send Mail

If you'd like to send postal mail or packages to a student attending Yale Summer Session, please use the mailing information found here.

Additional Questions

Please contact us at summer.session@yale.edu if you have additional questions.