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Yale x Flatiron School Web Development Bootcamp

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Become a web developer this summer. Seriously.

Yale Summer Session has partnered with the Flatiron School and launched a Web Development Bootcamp as part of Yale Summer Session. The Yale x Flatiron School Web Development Bootcamp offers CPSC S115 "Introduction to Full-Stack Web Development," which carries two Yale College credits. The specially-designed curriculum, a collaboration between Yale’s Computer Science department and the Flatiron School, is based on Flatiron’s software engineering bootcamp that has already helped students around the world learn to code.

Note: CPSC S115 is offered online.

During 10 intensive weeks, you will take a deep dive into the intellectual enterprises of computer science and learn to think, and build, like a software engineer.  You'll be immersed in programming languages (Ruby and JavaScript) and learn both back-end and front-end programming in a course designed to give you lots of hands-on, project-based learning experiences.

Tip:  You don't need any prior computer science experience to take the course.  We provide pre-work to get everyone up to speed.  All you need is the passion to learn!

Want to learn more? Watch our info session or meet with our ambassadors to chat about their experience in the course.

Course Outcomes

  • Earn 2 Yale College credits and QR
  • Learn Ruby and JavaScript and easily apply your knowledge to other software languages
  • Gain experience in front-end and back-end programming
  • Discover how your unique perspective can contribute to a web development team
  • Apply your knowledge in other courses, a job, or in graduate school

Quote: Programming is more about people than about machines. It shares way more with expression, writing, art, and music than math––and that's why everyone can learn it. It's really about trying to create a story out of these technologies."

- Avi Flombaum, Co-Founder, Flatiron School

Course Work

Once admitted to the program, you'll be enrolled in CPSC S115 "Introduction to Full-Stack Web Development" in Yale Summer Session.

This is a hands-on course, where you'll get a foundation in programming fundamentals through problem sets and collaborative projects. Labs use test-driven development, allowing you to gain real-world programming experience and a solid grasp of Ruby and Javascript.

This is a full-time, fully-immersive experience:  Class is held Monday through Friday for 10 weeks, and you'll be working individually, and in teams, on projects you design.

To learn more about the specific topics covered in this program, please see the program outline and class syllabus linked below.

The program moves quickly and Yale x Flatiron’s passionate students embrace that challenge. No experience is necessary to take the course.  We bring everyone up to speed with a required 80-hour Introductory Programming course, to be completed before the session begins in May.  With this pre-work under your belt, you come to class ready to go!

*All students in this course must bring their own laptop to class each day.

Tip: Course Overview and Syllabus

Yale x Flatiron School Course Overview

Yale x Flatiron School Detailed Syllabus

Sample Weekly Schedule

Eligibility Requirements

Current college students, graduate students and working professionals are eligible to apply regardless of major or year in school (high school students are not eligible to apply). Your unique academic and personal perspective is what will make you a great developer.

No previous coding experience? No problem. The Yale x Flatiron School Web Development Bootcamp requires all students complete 80 hours of online pre-work. This pre-work ensures all students begin the course at the same level.

If you have a strong desire to learn an in-demand skill and new form of expression, Yale x Flatiron School is perfect for you.

Quote: The point of technology isn't to help ourselves; it's to help others. There are thousands of ways to write a program and in each of those little differences is our individuality, and we want to celebrate that."

- Avi Flombaum, Co-Founder, Flatiron School

Yale x Flatiron Deadlines

Upon application submission, applicants will receive a link to an online technical evaluation within two business days. This is a required part of the application and gives you a chance to test-drive some of the material.  Prospective students are encouraged to apply before the April  deadline, as they will have more time to complete the technical evaluation. 

Interviews are available, but not required.  If you have questions and want to talk to someone in YSS about the program, sign up for an interview by emailing

Application Deadline Wednesday, April 13
Technical Submission Deadline Wednesday, April 20
Commit and Pay Deadline Friday, May 6
Pre-work Begins Friday, May 6
First Day of Class Monday, May 30
Last Day of Class Friday, August 5

Tuition and Fees

Item Amount  Due
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $75 At time of application
Yale x Flatiron School Tuition (2 Yale credits) $9,100 Friday, May 6

Yale x Flatiron School Refund Policies

Refund Policy:

If you choose to withdraw from the program, a full tuition refund (100%) will be issued if you notify the Yale Summer Session office in writing prior to 4pm EDT on June 3, 2022. You will receive a 50% refund if you notify Yale Summer Session of your withdraw from the program by 4pm EDT on June 10, 2022.

No tuition will be refunded after 4pm EDT on June 10, 2022.