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Tuition & Fees

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Note:Tuition and fees depend on the length and location of the selected program.

  • For Yale Campus (New Haven) and Online programs and courses, see details below.
  • For Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad (programs taught outside the U.S.), please visit the Yale Study Abroad website.

Summer 2019 Tuition



1 course credit (4 semester credit hours) $4,200
1.5-credit foreign language course $4,200
0.5-credit science laboratory $2,100
2-credit course $8,200
Intensive English Program, Postgraduate Program, TEFL Seminar  $4,600
Law Seminar and Business Seminar  $5,400
University Preparation for International High School Students (3 weeks) $3,250
Yale Summer Conservatory for Actors (2-credit course) $8,200
A Practical Approach to Directing (noncredit) $1,100


Description Amount
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $75
Visa Processing Fee (for international students only - nonrefundable) $100
Course change fee (after first change) $60
Late registration fee $60
Technology fee (online courses only)  $85
Medical insurance fee for 5 weeks, estimated (for international students who receive an I-20 and live on campus) $75
Medical insurance fee for Univ. Prep 3 week program, estimated (for international students who receive an I-20 and live on campus) $45

Residential Costs

Residential Program Fee includes room, meals and student activities (rates subject to change).

Description Amount
Session A or B (5 weeks)* $3,550
Session A and B (10 weeks)* $7,100

3-week University Preparation for International High School Students*

*does not include health insurance for international students: $65 for 5-week programs,
$130 for 10 weeks, $40 for 3 weeks) 


Tuition and Fee Payment

All tuition and fees, including room and meal charges, must be paid in full three weeks before the session begins. Housing reservations may be forfeited if full payment is not received by that date. Yale students with outstanding balances (including balances due from previous terms) will not be permitted to register or check into campus housing until all outstanding bills have been paid.

How to Pay

To make payment, please go to Payment Methods.

Course Change Fee

After submitting the online application, but prior to the start of classes, each student is permitted to add or substitute courses once without a course change fee. Any subsequent course additions or substitutions will be subject to the course change fee, which will be billed at the time of the addition or substitution. This fee does not apply to students who drop a course.

Late Housing Application

Applications for Housing and Meals received later than two weeks before the session begins will be processed on a space-available basis.

Refund Policies

Yale Summer Session will refund tuition and room and meal payments according to the terms listed below. No refunds will be made unless we received appropriate written notification. A Yale student's Student Financial Services account will be credited.


A full tuition refund will be issued if a student notifies the Summer Session Office in writing, prior to the start of the session in question, of his or her intention not to attend the session. (The start of the session is defined as 8 am on the first Monday of the session.) For all other tuition refunds to be processed, students must complete the appropriate course change or withdrawal form in person in the Summer Session Office, 55 Whitney Avenue, Suite 420. Visiting students withdrawing from Yale Summer Session must return their ID cards upon withdrawal in order to receive a refund.

  • If a student drops a course or withdraws entirely from Yale Summer Session between 8 am Monday and 4 pm Friday of the first week of classes of a given session, 100% of the tuition will be refunded.
  • If a student drops a course or withdraws entirely from Yale Summer Session by 4 pm Friday of the second week of classes, 50% of the tuition will be refunded. Yale College students receiving financial assistance for summer tuition will forfeit 50% of nonscholarship tuition in the second week.
  • No tuition will be refunded after the second week of classes in either session.

Residential Program Fee

Once a student is in residence, he or she will be entitled to a residential program fee refund only by vacating the room before the end of the first week of classes. No refunds will be made after this time. Before a refund will be issued, the student's room must be inspected and the student must return the Yale ID card (for visiting students) and room keys to the Housing Manager in the Summer Housing Office.

Summer 2019 application is now open.