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Information for Visiting Students

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Note: In 2021, all courses and programs will be offered online. Visiting students may take online courses, but they may not live on campus. Currently enrolled Yale College students may live on campus.


Your Yale NetID

Within one week of your acceptance to Summer Session, you will receive two email messages regarding your Yale NetID. One message will contain your NetID and the other message will contain your activation PIN and instructions. You will need to activate the NetID in order to access important information online before and during the session.

Note: You will need your Yale Net ID to access the ID card photo upload page & Canvas learning management system.

Yale Student ID Card

Your Yale Student ID card allows you to access Yale's libraries, residential colleges, dining halls, and much more.

Once you have activated your Yale NetID, you can upload a photo for your Yale ID card on the Yale ID Center website. If you are studying in Session A, please submit your photo by May 20 in order to guarantee adequate processing time; upload your photo by June 24 for Session B.

If you are living on campus and upload an ID photo in advance, you will pick up your Yale ID card at housing check-in. If you are living off campus and upload an ID photo in advance, you can pick up your ID card at the Yale Summer Session office (55 Whitney Avenue, 4th floor) on Monday-Friday during normal business hours. 

If you do not upload a photo before your program begins, you will be required to visit the Yale Summer Session office (55 Whitney Avenue, 4th floor) on Monday-Friday during normal business hours and receive an "Authorization to issue ID card" slip. Take this slip with you to the Yale ID Center (57 Lock Street). They will take your photo and issue you an ID card.


You may check your web-based email on any Yale computer. If you do not currently have a web-based email account, you may wish to sign up for free, web-based email such as Yahoo or Gmail. Yale does not provide email accounts to summer students.


If you have a car and will be driving to class, you should obtain a weekly or monthly parking permit from Yale University Parking and Transit. Overnight parking on the streets of New Haven is prohibited by local ordinance.


Link: Yale Summer Session on Facebook