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Business Seminar

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Program at a Glance

This 6 week program is designed to prepare you for graduate business study or conducting business in an English speaking environment. Make international connections and learn business communication through case studies and discussions.

Date: Dates: June 26 ‚Äč- August 4, 2017

The Specifics

Morning Seminar

Business Seminar
  • 4-5 hours of instruction, five days per week
  • Study concepts and terminology found in strategic planning, organization, investment analysis, and developing a business plan
  • Includes lectures, discussions, case studies, readings, and small group work with presentations
  • Practice in the case method to explore business strategies and concepts
  • Field trips to area businesses

Afternoon Classes

Oral Communication Skills
  • Improve your spoken English -- vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, grammar and pronunciation -- within the business context.
  • Class will focus on presentations in mock business meetings based on case studies.
Written Communication Skills
  • Focus on group and individual writing projects based on case studies.

Sample Daily Schedule*

Class Day Time
Business Seminar MTWTHF 9:00 - 12:00
Oral Communication Skills MW 2:00 - 3:30
Written Communication Skills T/TH 2:00 - 3:30

*Individual schedules may vary. This is for reference only.

Application Requirements

Point: Admissions Notice

Students who plan to apply to the Business Seminar must have a solid background in the discipline. Undergraduates who apply should have completed their third year of undergraduate study in business to qualify for admission. Students are expected to have an intermediate to advanced English proficiency.

The following materials are required to complete an application to the Business Seminar:

  • Online application
  • Application fee and visa processing fee
  • Financial documents
  • Photocopy of passport