Application 2016

Please read all of the important information on this page before you apply.

Before You Apply

A word of caution about choosing your course of study: although summer days are long, the academic sessions are short. Instructors cover the same amount of material in five weeks as they do in a thirteen-week term during the academic year, and most of our foreign language courses cover an entire year's material in just eight or ten weeks. You should be prepared for an intensive classroom experience and choose your courses with care. Missing even one class can have a serious impact on your ability to complete the course successfully, and additional part-time work during your time here may seriously detract from your ability to devote the necessary time to your studies. Arriving late for the start of a given session or leaving early at the end are not acceptable and will not be allowed under any circumstances. To receive course credit, attendance throughout the entire session is required.

Application information specific for the following types of students:

  • Pre-college
  • Yale College
  • Visiting college
  • International