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2017 Course Syllabi

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FAQ: Accounting

ACCT S170 - Financial Accounting 

FAQ: American Studies

AMST S307 - Terrorism and US Popular Culture

AMST S308 - The Personal is Political; The American Essay Tradition

AMST S310 - Alien Encounters: Asian Americans in Literature and Popular Media

AMST S383 - US Border & Immigration Policy

AMST S435 - Inequality in America

AMST S483 - Film, Video, and American History

FAQ: Anthropology

ANTH S110 - Introduction to cultural Anthropology

ANTH S114 - Introduction to Medical Anthropology

ANTH S123 - Forensic Anthropology

ANTH S150 - Genesis and Collapse of Old World Civilizations

ANTH S243 Inequality in America

ANTH S258 - Introduction to Environmental Anthropology

ANTH S464 - Human Osteology

FAQ: Applied Physics

APHY S100 - Science of Modern Technology and Public Policy 

APHY S120 - Energy, Technology, and Society

FAQ: Art

ART S115 - Basic Drawing

ART S130 - Painting Basics

FAQ: Astronomy

ASTR S120 - Galaxies and the Universe

ASTR S135 - Astronomy: Archaeoastronomy

FAQ: Chemical Engineering

CENG S210 - Introduction to Chemical Engineering

FAQ: Chemistry

CHEM S101 - Chemistry in Context

CHEM S134/ S136 - General Chemistry Laboratory

CHEM S161 / S165 - Comprehensive General Chemistry

CHEM S220 - Organic Chemistry

CHEM S222 - Organic Chemistry Laboratory

FAQ: Child Study

CHLD S350E - Autism (ONLINE)

FAQ: Classical Civilizations

CLCV S115 - Classical Mythologies

FAQ: Computer Science

CPSC S186 - Internet and Telecommunications Law

FAQ: Economics

ECON S116 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

ECON S159 - Introduction to Game Theory

ECON S131E (Session A) - Econometrics and Data Analysis I (ONLINE)

ECON S131E (Session B) - Econometrics and Data Analysis I (ONLINE)

ECON S255 - Introduction to Corporate Finance

ECON S281E - Causes and Consequences of Corruption (ONLINE)

ECON S328 - Topics in International Economics

FAQ: Electrical Engineering

EENG S101 - The Digital Information Age

EENG S111 - The Science of Science Fiction

FAQ: Engineering and Applied Science

ENAS S100 - Science of Modern Technology and Public Policy 

ENAS S101 - Energy, Engines, and the Environment

ENAS S120 - Energy, Technology, and Society

ENAS S130 - Introduction to Computing for Engineers and Scientists

FAQ: English

ENGL S114 - Travelers and Tourists (Newton)

ENGL S114 - Gossip, Scandal, and Celebrity (Deli)

ENGL S134 - Reading Fiction for Craft 

ENGL S143 - Introduction to Writing fiction and Creative Nonfiction: A Writing Workshop

ENGL S200 - Shakespeare: Comedies and Romances

ENGL S201 - Shakespeare: Tragedies and Histories

ENGL S205 - American Literary Regionalism

ENGL S315 - Modernism in Literature and the Arts

ENGL S353 - Modern European Drama

ENGL S361E - Modern American Drama

FAQ: Ethics, Politics and Economics

EP&E S270 - Lies and Deception

FAQ: Ethnicity, Race & Migration

ER&M S384 - US Border & Immigration Policy

FAQ: Environmental Studies

EVST S105 - Energy, Engines, and the Environment

EVST S121 - Energy, Technology, and Society

EVST S214 - Environmental Inequalities 

FAQ: Environmental Engineering

ENVE S101 - Energy, Engines, and the Environment

FAQ: Film Studies 

FILM S167 - Quentin Tarantino

FILM S247 - Film, Video, and American History

FILM S350 - Introduction to Screenwriting

FAQ: French

FREN S130 - Intermediate and Advanced French I

FREN S150 - Advanced French Language Practice 

FREN S160 - Conversation et Culture

FREN S369 - Belle Époque France

FAQ: Geology and Geophysics

G&G S120 - Energy, Technology, and Society

FAQ: Global Affairs

GLBL S287 - The Balance of Power: Theory and Practice 

FAQ: German

GMAN S140 - Intermediate German II

GMAN S190 - The Logic of Dreams

GMAN S469 - Psychological Disciplines and the Arts

FAQ: History

HIST S115 - Civil War and Reconstruction, 1845-1877

HIST S165 -  Social Movements in US History

HIST S187 - Film, Video, and American History

HIST S229 - History and Culture of Southeastern Europe

HIST S261 - The Cold War: A Global History

HIST S331 - Modern Latin America

FAQ: History of Art

HSAR S115 - Introduction to the History of Art: Renaissance to Modern

HSAR S223 - Contemporary Art

HSAR S469 - Psychological Disciplines and the Arts 

FAQ: History of Science/ History of Medicine 

HSHM S439 - Disability and Deviance in the United States

FAQ: Humanities

HUMS S213 - Classical Mythologies

HUMS S214 - Belle Epoque France

HUMS S221 - The Logic of Dreams

FAQ: Italian

ITAL S130 / S140 - Intermediate Italian

ITAL S152 - History, Culture, and Film in Tuscany

ITAL S225 -  The Florentine Renaissance

FAQ: Latin

LATN S110 - The Elements of Latin Grammar

FAQ: Linguistics 

LING S110 - Introduction to Linguistics 

FAQ: Literature

LITR S1364 - Classical Mythologies 

LITR S247 - Belle Epoque France

LITR S303 - Psychological Disciplines and the Arts

LITR S311 - The Logic of Dreams

FAQ: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

MCDB S300 - Biochemistry

MCDB S320 - Neurobiology

FAQ: Mathematics

MATH S112E - Calculus of Functions of One Variable I

MATH S115 - Calculus of Functions of One Variable II

FAQ: Mechanical Engineering

MENG S101 -  Energy, Engines, and the Environment

MENG S285 - Introduction to Materials Science

FAQ: Music

MUSI S265E - Jazz, Race & Gender in America 

FAQ: Philosophy

PHIL S100 - Happiness 

PHIL S105 - Friendship

PHIL S178 - Introduction to Bioethics

PHIL S180 - Introduction to the Philosophy of Education

PHIL S337 - Lies and Deception

FAQ: Physics

PHYS S100- Science of modern Technology and Public Policy 

PHYS S120 - Energy, Technology, and Society

PHYS S180 - University Physics

FAQ: Political Science

PLSC S126 - The Balance of Power: Theory and Practice

PLSC S167 - International Human Rights and Politics

PLSC S176 - The Cold War: A Global History

PLSC S187 - Terrorism and Counterterrorism 

PLSC S336 - Lies and Deception

PLSC S391 - War and Constitutions 

FAQ: Portuguese

PORT S352 - Introduction to Brazil: A Cultural History 

FAQ: Psychology 

PSYC S110 - Introduction to Psychology (Strickland)

PSYC S141E - The Criminal Mind (ONLINE)

PSYC S180 - Abnormal Psychology 

PSYC S350E - Autism Summer Course (ONLINE)

FAQ: Religious Studies

RLST S138 - The Religion of Islam 

FAQ: Russian

RUSS S242 - Russian Culture

FAQ: Sociology 

SOCY S286 - History and Culture of Southeastern Europe

SOCY S365 - The Making of Political News

FAQ: Spanish

SPAN S130 - Intermediate Spanish I  

SPAN S140 - Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN S242 - Language, Culture, and Society of Spain

SPAN S248 - Spain 1936 to the Present: History, Literature, and Culture

FAQ: Theater Studies

THST S237 - Introduction to Scenic Design

THST S390 - Modern European Drama

THST S392 - Modern American Drama