Yale Summer Online

Yale Summer Online is an online course program that provides an opportunity for students to continue their studies in the summer through challenging seminars. The courses are developed and taught by Yale faculty, offer Yale College credit, and provide extensive interaction with faculty and peers.  A central component to the learning experience is the synchronous discussion session; our virtual classroom technology allows students to come together "face-to-face" each week and discuss course topics.  Combining our technology with small class sizes (20), students can expect strong personal engagement with faculty through rich conversation and thoughtful feedback.

  • Earn Yale College Credit
  • Taught by Yale Faculty 
  • Small Class Sizes
  • Evening Classes Now Available

Session A (May 30 - July 1)

Archeoastronomy - ASTR S135E
Michael Faison

Autism and Related Disorders - PSYC S350E/CHLD S350E
Fred Volkmar and James McPartland
Audit option.

Brains of Genius: Mozart and Friends - MUSI S212E/HUMS S210E
Open to pre-college students. Audit option.
Craig Wright

Causes and Consequences of Corruption - ECON S281E

Bonnie Palifika
Video: "The Costs of Corruption"

Electronic Dance Music: History and Evolution - MUSI S290E
Open to pre-college students.
Kathryn Alexander

Introduction to Econometrics and Data Analysis I - ECON S131E 
Doug McKee

Introduction to Microeconomics - ECON S115E
Tolga Koker

Milton - ENGL S220E 
Open to pre-college students. Audit option.
John Rogers
Video: Preview a Milton lecture

Milton is also part of the Open Yale Courses initiative. Please visit the OYC web site to access educational material from this course, and 40 other Yale College courses.

Modern American Drama - ENGL S361/THST S392E
Marc Robinson

Moralities of Everyday Life - PSYC S152E/PHIL S152E/CGSC S152E
Audit option.
Paul Bloom
Video: "What Matters Most"

Movie Physics - PHYS S101E
Frank Robinson

Reading the Constitution - PLSC S258E
Audit option.
Akhil Reed Amar 


Session B (July 4 - August 5)

Calculus of Functions of One Variable - MATH S112E
John Hall

Drugs, Brain, and Behavior - PSYC S161E
Hedy Kober

Green Energy Systems - EVST S105E
Yehia Khalil

Introduction to Econometrics and Data Analysis I - ECON S131E
Doug McKee

Introduction to Microeconomics - ECON S115E
Tolga Koker

Introduction to Psychology - PSYC S110E
Open to pre-college students.
Marvin Chun

Mental Lives of Babies and Animals - PSYC S304E/CGSC S304E
Audit option.
Karen Wynn 

Moralities of Everyday Life - PSYC S152E/PHIL S152E/CGSC S152E
Audit option.
Paul Bloom
Video: "What Matters Most" 

Reading and Writing the Modern Essay - ENGL S120E
Jessica Brantley

Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature - PSYC S171E
Audit option.
Laurie Santos
Video: "What Makes Us Human"

The Criminal Mind - PSYC S141E
Arielle Baskin-Sommers