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TOC: Experience a Course with Yale in the Summer

Why Take a Course at Yale?

Studying at Yale gives students a newfound appreciation for their academics and offers an opportunity to forge friendships that will last a lifetime.  Students come to Yale Summer Session to:

  • Earn credit toward their major and fulfill requirements for their degree
  • Explore a new field or topic
  • Focus intensely on one particular subject
  • Study with Yale faculty
  • Prepare for the challenges of highly selective colleges

Our application for Summer 2024 courses and programs is now closed. The 2025 application will open in mid-January 2025.

Tips for Choosing a Yale Summer Session Course

  • Online courses are marked as such in the course description. If there is no indication, the course is offered in-person. Online course numbers end with an "E."
  • Some courses have pre-requisites. To enroll, your transcript must show that you have met the prerequisite(s).
  • Course numbers do not necessarily indicate the level of the course. If a course has no pre-requisites, it is open to any student.
  • Some courses are not open to high school students. Check course descriptions.
  • There is a two course limit per session.
  • All courses are in Eastern Daylight Time (UTC -4).

Course Syllabi

2024 course syllabi will be posted beginning in March as they are received from the instructors. These are meant as a reference and are subject to change before the session starts. You should refer to updated versions from your instructors once admitted to your course(s). 

2024 Course Syllabi

Classroom Locations

2024 classroom locations will be provided in late May. To view 2023 classrooms, please click here.

2024 Course Search

Summer 2024 Dates

Date: Session A:
May 27 - June 28, 2024

Session B:
July 1 - August 2, 2024