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Yale Summer Session

Yale Summer Session welcomes Yale College and visiting students from across the United States and around the world to take courses in New Haven, online, and abroad. In Yale College's strong liberal arts tradition, we offer a robust selection of credit-bearing courses across academic disciplines, as well as the English Language Institute at Yale Summer Session, the Conservatory for Actors, and the Yale Writers' Workshop.

Yale Summer Session students who choose to live in New Haven have the opportunity to reside together in the Yale Summer Session Colleges, several of Yale College's historic residential colleges, and to share a vibrant community outside of the classroom. Students in Yale Summer Session online courses study with top faculty and access our virtual classroom from around the world. Yale Summer Session extends the boundaries of Yale's New Haven campus as well, with intensive Yale Summer Session Programs Abroad. We hope that Yale Summer Session will help you to explore new passions, ask new questions, and make new friends.

Yale College, and thus Yale Summer Session, is an academic community dedicated to the advancement of learning. Students freely associate themselves with Yale and in doing so affirm their commitment to a philosophy of mutual tolerance and respect. All students should understand the responsibility thus placed upon them. If any member of the community should interfere with its functions or show themselves unable or unwilling to assist in these functions, the community may find it necessary to protect itself by suspending or terminating that person's membership. Indeed, by formal vote the Yale College Faculty has affirmed:

  • Its commitment to protect free expression and peaceful dissent and to preserve mutual respect and charitable relations among all members of the Yale community.
  • Its belief that physical restriction, coercion, or intimidation of any member of that community is contrary to the basic principles of the University.
  • Its expectation that such action will ordinarily result in temporary or permanent separation from Yale College.

This handbook provides the academic, residential, and other regulations that govern our community. As a condition of enrolling in Yale Summer Session, students are required to comply with these regulations and the policies and regulations of Yale College and the University more broadly. Yale Summer Session expects students to be familiar with this Student Handbook; a claim of ignorance of any of the regulations therein will not be accepted as an excuse for violating them. No student or group of students should expect to be individually warned to conform to any of these rules. In addition, students have an obligation to adhere to applicable federal, state, and local laws.

Yale Summer Session, Yale College, and the University reserve the right to amend or supplement these regulations at any time upon such notice to students as they deem suitable.

Yale University and Yale College Policies