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Welcome to the Yale Writers' Workshop!  We look forward to welcoming you to our academic community. This page contains important things you need to do and think about after being admitted. It is important to monitor the email that you used in your application for important next steps. If you are not receiving emails from our office after admission, please contact us.

FAQ: Registration and Payment

Use this link to register and pay your program fees within 2 weeks of acceptance to the program. Please remember that payment in full must be made on time, or your place in the program will be forfeited. If you have any issues with the registration form, please contact Victoria Rinkerman at

FAQ: Yale NetID and PIN

Starting in March, you will receive two email messages regarding your Yale NetID. One message will contain your NetID and the other message will contain your activation PIN and instructions. You will need to activate your NetID as soon as you receive these emails so you will have access to Yale's systems. If you have not received these emails by mid-March please email us and we can assist you.

FAQ: Government ID Card

We are requiring a copy of a government issued ID card (i.e., drivers’ license or passport) with your registration.  The ID card must have a clear photo and show your date of birth.

FAQ: Online Course Requirements

For the virtual Yale Writers’ Workshop portion, it is necessary that you have a computer with a functioning microphone, webcam, and internet connection. Without these, you will not be able to attend your workshop remotely. Additional technical details will be communicated prior to the start of the course.

FAQ: Manuscripts

If your workshop requires you to submit a manuscript, it will be due by May 5th.  Your workshop instructor will be in touch with you about how to submit your manuscript closer to the due date. (All workshops will be submitting manuscripts EXCEPT YYWW Workshops, and Right Here, Right Now, in both on-campus and virtual.)

FAQ: Preparing for Your Workshop

Please review the FAQ section of the YWW and YYWW website to help prepare for your workshop, and join the YWW facebook group to network with writers prior to the start of your week.

If you have been accepted to an in-person program, please review the following instructions:

FAQ: Provide a Photo for your Yale ID

Your Yale Student ID card allows you to access Yale's classrooms, dining hall, and libraries and, if you are living on campus it will give you access to your residential college entryway, and so much more. Once you have activated your Yale NetID, you can upload a photo for your Yale ID card on the Yale ID Center website. If your photo is not uploaded before the photo upload deadline, you may be delayed in receiving your ID card and will have difficulty accessing campus buildings at the beginning of your time at Yale Summer Session.

Photo Upload Deadline: May 15

FAQ: Accommodations

You can select the option to live on campus or on your own. If you select to live on campus, you will be staying in a dorm room in one of Yale’s Colleges. You will be housed in a single room. However, many of the sleeping rooms are connected by a common room. The bathrooms, located in the hallways/entryways, are shared among those staying on that floor. We do not have, nor can we offer, private bathrooms.

You are responsible for taking your own garbage and recycle items to the main collection bins located in the basement. There is no elevator in the dorm. Yale rooms are not centrally air-conditioned and portable air conditioners are not permitted. You can feel free to bring a fan with you if you think that you will need one. Clothes hangers are not provided. And remember to bring your own toiletries. The Yale bookstore does sell beauty product items if you wish to purchase them upon your arrival.

Reasonable Accommodations to Students With Disabilities

Yale University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in order to provide equitable and inclusive learning environments. If you are a student with a disability and would like to request disability-related accommodations, the first step is to register with Student Accessibility Services, where you can include information about your situation and upload supporting documentation. If you’ve previously been approved for accommodations at Yale, you simply need to renew accommodations for the summer term. Accommodations require early and quick planning in Yale Summer Session and are not provided retroactively, so please make contact as soon as possible.

A student who requires a disability-related housing accommodation must complete the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Accommodation Request form.  Additionally, a Student Accessibility Services Housing form must be completed by the student's treating medical provider and submitted to SAS as supporting documentation. Information from medical documentation will only be shared with the appropriate Yale administrators when indicated for health and safety reasons.

A timely response is important. Once a room assignment has been made it will not be possible to change it.

Please note: Many physicians have busy practices, and it can take time before they complete and return the required Student Accessibility Services Housing form. It is important that you contact your treatment provider well in advance of the deadline so that you can submit your request for housing accommodations with the appropriate documentation.

FAQ: Meals/ Food Allergies/Medically Prescribed Dietary Plan

All writers (including those that provide their own accommodations) will have their breakfast and lunch in one of Yale Colleges dining halls. Other meals will be on your own. This will give you a chance to explore the different restaurants located in New Haven. When you are dining with us, we take your food allergies seriously and want to be considerate of your dietary needs. Students with food allergies must notify the University, through the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) so that plans can be made for necessary dietary considerations in dining halls. Please complete the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Accommodation Request form to begin the process of establishing a dietary plan and provide supporting documentation outlining your needs to SAS when you submit the Accommodation Request form. Additionally, please complete the Yale Hospitality Food Allergy Self-Identification form. Information from medical documentation will only be shared with the appropriate Yale administrators when indicated for health and safety reasons.

FAQ: Arrival Details

Check-in time for everyone is on June 1st is from 9 am – 1 pm.  Check-out time on June 8th is from 8 am - 11 am for those staying on campus, if you wish to arrive a day early or stay a day after the program is over, an option to do so is available for an additional fee of $80.00 per night.  When registering please note this on your registration form. You will be billed this fee at the time of registration.  Those writers arriving or leaving outside of the check-in and check-out times, must go to our housing office to be checked in/checked out. The housing office is open 24/7 but is located a distance from the dorms.

If you are driving to New Haven, we offer a parking option in the Pierson-Sage Garage. There is a charge for parking.  This garage is gated and patrolled. It is located on the corner of Whitney Avenue and Edwards Street at 340 Edwards Street. This is approximately 1 mile from the dorm and classrooms. It is short walk, or you can use the free shuttle that will drop you close to campus but not in front of the dorm.

Students enrolled in the Yale Writers’ Workshop are not required to submit immunization or medical records.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.