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Grades and Transcripts

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Final Grades

Your grades will be available online, on the Yale University Student Information Systems website (SIS), within one month of the end of each session. Upon request, Yale Summer Session will mail you a final grade report to your permanent home address. Grades will not be given over the telephone or by e-mail. 

No grade reports for any session will be issued to you if you are financially indebted to the University.

Yale College students who have not complied with the vaccination requirement as of August 1, 2021, may have a vaccination hold on their records. For information on health holds, please email

Official Transcripts

Official Transcripts will not be available until mid-September.

Official Yale transcripts will be available to you (for a fee) if you complete a program that is for Yale credit. Log into SIS to verify your summer grades are posted. Because there is a fee to order an official transcript, it is most economical to order multiple copies at the same time.

Transcripts will not be issued to you if you are financially indebted to the University. 

Note: Official transcripts may be ordered through the Yale University Registrar's Office.

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