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Yale College Students

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Application Information

Yale students must fill out the online application to apply to Yale Summer Session.  Please apply by the application deadline; however, we will accept applications from Yale College students beyond the deadline.  Please note that online courses have a deadline of 3 business days before the course begins.

Academic Information for Yale College Students

Students select their courses in their online application.  Because of the condensed nature of the summer courses, there is no shopping period during Summer Session.  In addition, the window for changing courses is very short.  Once admitted to a course, students will receive grades unless they drop the course or withdraw by filling out a form online, or in person in the Yale Summer Session office.  If you need advice on course selection, please contact the Dean of Yale Summer Session.

Tip: Yale College students may take a maximum of two online courses during each summer and can only apply a total of four online courses toward their Yale College degree.

Residential Information for Yale College Students

Yale students enrolled in Yale Summer Session may choose to live in one of the Summer residential colleges. Yale students serve as residential counselors and provide support and assistance.

Note: Students admitted to Yale College as incoming first-year students for the fall of 2018 are not considered pre-college students for housing purposes and will be housed with other college students.

Yale Summer Ses​sion Financial Assistance

Yale Summer Session offers financial assistance to Yale College students on financial aid. Students can receive financial assistance for half tuition on up to two course credits.  Students who have attended Summer Session previously will have the application fee waived.

Summer Employment Opportunities

Yale Summer Session hires Yale College students to be residential counselors. If you are interested in being a residential counselor, please see Resources for Residential Staff.

Question: Please contact us if you have further questions about Yale Summer Session!