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Application Requirements

Date: Our application will open on February 15, 2021. 


An online application is required for Yale College students wishing to attend Yale Summer Session.


Course Information for Yale College Students

You will select the courses you'd like to take in your online application.  Because of the condensed nature of the summer courses, there is no shopping period during Summer Session. In addition, the window for changing courses is very short.  Once you are admitted to a course, you will receive grades unless you drop the course or withdraw by filling out a form online. If you need advice on course selection, please contact the Dean of Yale Summer Session.

Search courses by department and distributional requirements.

Tip: You may take a maximum of two online courses during each summer and can only apply a total of four online courses toward your Yale College degree.

Yale Summer Ses​sion Financial Assistance

Yale Summer Session offers financial assistance to Yale College students on financial aid. You can receive financial assistance for half tuition on up to two course credits. If you have attended Summer Session or a Yale Summer Session Program Abroad, you can have the application fee waived. Contact our office for details.

If you are on financial aid during the academic year, you may also be eligible for Summer Pell Grants and for low interest loans to cover the remaining cost of summer session courses.  You’ll find more information at Yale Financial Aid.