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Financial Assistance

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Tip: Yale Summer Session provides financial assistance to Yale College students and employees of Yale University. 

Financial Assistance for Yale College Students

Yale Summer Session offers financial assistance for tuition to Yale College students who receive financial aid during the regular academic year. Financial assistance covers 50% of the tuition of one course, and you may receive financial assistance for a maximum of two credits each summer (a maximum award of $4,200 for summer 2019). 

Yale College students on financial aid during the academic year will automatically receive this assistance by answering the relevant question on the application. No separate application is required.

If you are applying to a Yale Summer Session Program Abroad, review financial assistance eligibility on the Yale Study Abroad website under Need-based Funding.

Other Assistance

If you are currently enrolled in Yale College and plan to register for at least one course credit through Yale Summer Session (YSS), you may apply for a supplemental loan. If you are currently enrolled in Yale College and plan to register for at least two course credits through Yale Summer Session, you may apply for federal and private loans through Student Financial Services.

Ph.D. candidates in the Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences may apply for a Summer Foreign Language Institute Fellowship through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Master's degree candidates and professional school students should contact their own financial aid officers for information on the eligibility criteria for loans for summer courses and their availability.

Visiting students should contact the financial aid office at their home institutions to discuss their options for financial assistance. Federal regulations prohibit Yale's Student Financial Services from processing any federal financial aid for students who are not enrolled in a degree program at Yale. Student Financial Services will, however, consider certifying nonfederal supplemental loans.

Tuition Reduction for Yale Employees

Permanent full- and part-time Yale employees (20 or more hours per week) accepted to Yale Summer Session may receive reduced tuition through Yale's Educational Assistance Program. Full-time staff members receive up to 50% reduction in course tuition, and part-time employees will receive a prorated reduction. Forms to request the tuition reduction benefit may be obtained here. You must apply and be accepted to YSS, and you need to check the appropriate employee box under the Program Choice section of the application. The tuition reduction will appear on the tuition bill.