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Course Change Requests

If you need to change your course(s), please use the Change Form to add or drop a course(s) before the session begins. Please note that you may not change courses after the Wednesday before the session begins. Please read the form carefully and submit it with all the required information. Course change requests will be reviewed as they are received and are generally processed within 2 business days. Students with active Net IDs can check their SIS accounts to confirm that the requested changes have been made, but will otherwise not be contacted unless the requested changes cannot be processed / granted.

You must pay any existing account balance or additional charges that occur as a result of a registration adjustment.

Please see the student handbook for policies regarding add/drop for Yale Summer Session.

Cancellation or Withdrawal of Summer Registration

Please let us know if your plans have changed!  You can use the Change Form to cancel your summer registration. Submitting this form confirms that you will not attend Yale Summer Session.

Convert to Credit/D/Fail Form (for Yale College students only)

Students wishing to convert to the Credit/D/Fail basis may do so by submitting this Credit/D/Fail Conversion Request Form to Yale Summer Session.

In a given term, a student may only elect one course on the Credit/D/Fail basis and must elect at least one course credit for a letter grade or the mark of Pass. Students who enroll in only one course may not select Credit/D/Fail for that course. If a student enrolled in two courses, with one selected Credit/D/Fail, drops or withdraws from the letter graded course before the end of the Session, the course selected Credit/D/Fail will automatically be converted to a letter grade even if the deadline for conversion has passed.
Once a student converts a course to the Credit/D/Fail mode, this change cannot be reversed, even if that action is sought before the midterm deadline.

After the midterm deadline listed below, election of the Credit/D/Fail option is not permitted.

Date: June 10: Last day to convert a Session A course from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option.
July 15: Last day to convert a Session B course from a letter grade to the Credit/D/Fail option.

2020 Student Handbook