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Checklist for Admitted Students

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Congratulations on your acceptance to Yale Summer Session! This page contains important things you need to do and think about after being admitted, but before you arrive at Yale this summer. It is important to monitor the email that you used in your application for important next steps. If you are not receiving emails from our office after admission, please contact us.

Your action items are below.

For All Students

FAQ: Activate Your NetID

When: After admission

How: Two Emails

After your acceptance to Summer Session, you will receive two email messages regarding your Yale NetID approximately 7 to 10 business days after admission. One message will contain your NetID and the other message will contain your activation PIN and instructions. You will need to activate your NetID as soon as you receive these emails so you will have access to Yale's systems. 

FAQ: Pay Your Tuition and other Fees

When: After admission, once NetID is set up
How: Email

Once you are admitted to Yale Summer Session, an invoice for your tuition, housing, etc. is automatically generated. See how to pay your tuition and fees, our payment deadlines and more information on our Dates and Costs page.

FAQ: Contact Student Accessibility Services (if needed)

When: After admission, but as soon as possible

How: Website

Yale University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities in order to provide equitable and inclusive learning environments. If you are a student with a disability and would like to request disability-related accommodations, the first step is to register with Yale Student Accessibility Services, where you can include information about your situation and upload supporting documentation. If you’ve previously been approved for accommodations at Yale, you simply need to renew accommodations for the summer term. Accommodations require early and quick planning in Yale Summer Session and are not provided retroactively, so please make contact as soon as possible.

Residential Accommodations

A student who requires a disability-related housing accommodation  must complete the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Accommodation Request form.  Additionally, a Student Accessibility Services Housing form  must be completed by the student's treating medical provider and submitted to SAS as supporting documentation. Information from medical documentation will only be shared with the appropriate Yale administrators when indicated for health and safety reasons.

A timely response is important. Once a room assignment has been made it will not be possible to change it. The deadline to request a housing accommodation is:

Session A:  Monday, April 22, 2024
Session B: Monday, May 20, 2024

Please note: Many physicians have busy practices, and it can take time before they complete and return the required Student Accessibility Services Housing form. It is important that you contact your treatment provider well in advance of the deadline so that you can submit your request for housing accommodations with the appropriate documentation.

Food Allergies/Medically Prescribed Dietary Plan

Yale Summer Session students who live on campus will dine in one of Yale's dining halls. When you are dining with us, we take your food allergies seriously and want to be considerate of your dietary needs. Students with food allergies must notify the University, through the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) so that plans can be made for necessary dietary considerations in dining halls.

Please complete the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Accommodation Request form to begin the process of establishing a dietary plan and provide supporting documentation outlining your needs to SAS when you submit the Accommodation Request form. If you have religious dietary needs, please email

FAQ: Check Your Email Regularly

When: After admission
How: Email

We'll be sending you email newsletters and announcements before your arrival. Please read these emails for important updates.

Additional Items for Students Coming to Campus

FAQ: Meet the Immunization Requirement

When: After admission, but immediately after your NetID is set up

How: See Immunization Requirements

To live on-campus and attend in-person courses, you must be compliant with your immunization requirements. If you do not submit your immunization documents by the posted deadlines, we will ask you to switch to online courses and you will not be able to live in our residential colleges. (For international students we will cancel your I-20).

Yale University requires all students who enroll at Yale and attending in-person to provide proof of immunizations. As soon as your NetID is activated, please see our immunization requirements and upload your required documents. Because this process can take some time, we recommend you start this as soon as your NetID is active.

We have two deadlines (depending on what session you are attending) relevant to immunizations. 

  • Session A: Submit your immunization information for review by April 15
  • Session A: Your immunization information needs to be verified and compliant by May 3
  • Session B: Submit your immunization information for review by May 20
  • Session B: Your immunization information needs to be verified and compliant by June 7

FAQ: Provide a Photo for Your Yale Student ID Card

When: After admission, once NetID is set up
How: Yale ID Center website

Your Yale Student ID card allows you to access Yale's libraries and buildings, and, if living on campus, your residential college, entryway, dining hall, and so much more. Once you have activated your Yale NetID, you can upload a photo for your Yale ID card on the Yale ID Center website. If your photo is not uploaded before the photo upload deadline, you may be delayed in receiving your ID card and will have difficulty accessing campus buildings at the beginning of your time at Yale Summer Session. 

  • Session A ID Photo Upload Deadline: May 15
  • Session B Photo Upload Deadline: June 19

FAQ: Arrange Your Travel Plans to New Haven

When: After admission
How: Website

See our travel information to learn how to get to the Yale campus, located in downtown New Haven, Connecticut. Make sure you check program dates and housing check in dates before you make your plans.  If you are an international student coming on an I-20 issued by our office, please be sure to allow time to get your F-1 student visa! You may not arrive early or stay late in our on campus housing, and you may not attend on a tourist visa. 

International students will also have to do an immigration check in with the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) upon arrival. You'll be given more details about when and how to check in.

FAQ: Pack Your Bags

June is usually sunny and warm, and July and August are generally hotter and more humid months. Check the weather forecast for what the weather will be like when you are here. Students usually dress casually and comfortably. Bring a light sweater or light jacket for cool evenings. You may want to bring something nice for a special event or night out.

If you are living on campus, your room will have a bed, a desk, a chair, and a light. Bring a fan, towels, pillow, blanket and sheets (twin, extra-long) or buy them when you get here.  

Please note that Yale's residential colleges are not air conditioned.

FAQ: Enrollment in Health Insurance (for visiting international students)

When: After admission, automatic enrollment
How: Email

You will be enrolled in and billed for comprehensive U.S.-based health insurance if:

  • You are a visiting international student, coming to Yale on an I-20 that our office provides to you
  • You are living on or off campus
  • You indicated in your application that you will arrive to the U.S. on your U.S. passport and would like to join our insurance plan, but you reside outside of the U.S.

Enrollment Details:

  • Enrolled approximately one week prior to the start of your program
  • Enrolled from the Sunday before your program starts until the Saturday immediately after your program ends
  • CISI will email you with information and your insurance card after our office enrolls you
  • Save the enrollment email and keep it handy during your summer session program in case you need medical attention during your program
  • If you'd like to extend your coverage beyond the YSS program dates, you can, after enrollment, and for an additional fee, by working directly with CISI


  • Click here to learn more about the fee for the YSS provided health insurance through CISI.
  • You will be billed automatically by our office with your other YSS fees

Insurance details:

  • Coverage is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI).
  • Visit your MYCISI portal (access available when you are enrolled in the insurance)