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Welcome from the Yale Writers' Workshop Director, Jotham Burrello

Director's welcome to the Yale Writers' Workshop!

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From First to Final Draft, Find Your Voice at Yale

The Yale Writers’ Workshop brings together the experience and expertise of leading teachers, authors, editors, agents and publishers in a series of panels and workshops for the benefit of writers the world over. We are offering three sessions (one on campus and two remote) that will enhance the writing skills of any serious writer. Our faculty provides unique, tailored, and transformative experiences to all participants.

The Yale Writers' Workshop experience offers:

  • An immersive creative environment
  • An experienced faculty of writers and editors
  • Small workshops limited to 10-12 participants
  • Access to industry professionals

"Sometimes I feel that writing is exactly like breathing to me, but it’s like I’ve been going through life scared to breathe. I never really gave myself a chance, but this week allowed me to do that. I used to get so panicked when people asked me what my book was about and now I’m genuinely excited to talk about it."

"I had a wonderful time and learned so much! This was a fantastic opportunity and I'm so glad to have been a part of it."