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Why Choose Yale Summer Session?

Fulfill a major requirement, pick up a WR or QR course, or just explore a new subject.  Yale Summer Session offers 200 courses in STEM, pre-med, humanities, arts, and social sciences.

Summer Session offers financial assistance to Yale College students on financial aid.

Yale College students may also apply to be a residential counselor during the summer. Residential counselors are given free room and board for the orientation period and the ten weeks of the program, plus a tuition reduction for the equivalent of one summer course credit.

Programs for Yale College Students

Yale College students may apply to any of the following programs:

About Yale Summer Session

  • Financial assistance is available for students receiving Yale financial aid. Students may also apply to be a residential counselor for one free course plus room and board.
  • Students will live in Morse College, Ezra Stiles College, and Berkeley North in summer 2019.

Link: Resources for Yale College Students

Courses by department and distributional requirements

Residential staff application 

Quote: This summer has allowed me to see my surroundings in a new light as a counselor for many international students. It turns out that Australians, Costa Ricans, Venezuelans, Spaniards, Texans, Floridians and people from Turkey, China, Burkina Faso, and beyond don't see and experience Yale and New Haven the same way that I do. Shocker (sarcasm)! But really, when you push yourself to see and understand your surroundings through the eyes of others, you turn your world from a single light into a kaleidoscope.

Juliet Strauss '17