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Pre-College Students

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Why Choose Yale Summer Session?

Experience everything that makes Yale unique: Small seminars with top Yale faculty.  Time to immerse yourself in a full menu of academic opportunities and social events in Yale’s residential colleges. 

Available Programs

Pre College students may apply to the following programs:

Tip: Yale Summer Session accepts qualified applicants who will have completed their junior or senior year of high school at the time the summer session they attend begins.

Say Yes to Yale Summer Session

  • Experience studying and living like a Yale College undergraduate.
  • Take small classes with top Yale faculty.
  • Connect with Yale College students, visiting college students, and international students from all over the world.
  • Enjoy a full residential program of activities to help you have fun and make friends outside of class. Students are placed in age and gender appropriate room assignments.
  • Use your Yale summer student ID to access Yale's libraries, museums, and one of the largest athletic facilities ever built
  • Pre-college students may apply to most courses offered through Yale Summer Session. The course descriptions will let you know if there is a restriction. 

Link: Resources for Pre-College Students

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Virtual Tour of Yale's Residential Colleges

Student Handbook


Quote: The classes are great. It's worth your summer coming here. Make sure to take advantage of the activities and weekend trips. They are there for you to make friends with people from around the world.  My favorite extra-curricular activity was having study break once a week with my counselor and suite-mates. We would go out and have dinner, ice cream, and just catch up on classes.

Reaiah Rutherford