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YSS 2019 Activities Calendar

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Yale Summer Session will not be offering any New Haven-based programs in 2020, including our residential life program. We look forward to offering our residential life program in 2021.

Weekly Events on Campus

This above calendar will include all YSS trips and other one-time events throughout the summer. Please note, these events are for students who are living on campus.

Upcoming Events:


  • IM Pickleball: 7-8:30pm; Meet at PWG - 5th Floor


  • IM Ping Pong: 9-10:30pm; Morse Buttery


  • Werewolf: 9pm; Morse Buttery


  • IM Basketball: 7-8:30pm; Meet in front of PWG


  • IM Soccer: 6-7:30pm; Morse/Stiles Crescent (across from PWG)
  • Game Night: 9pm; Stiles Common Room

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? Please contact our activities coordinator, Sarah Wie, at

Trip Sign-Up

Any student living on campus who is part of a YSS program may sign up for any Summer Session trip.

This year, all trip sign-ups will be done electronically. On Monday afternoons, a weekly Trips & Activities email that includes google forms for that week will be emailed to all resident YSS students and posted on this page as well. There are 3 types of trips:

A.Trips that do not need sign ups, like the Target trip. You can just walk to the meet up location (PWG) 5 minutes before departure time and be all set! However you MUST go back on the bus that you came with. For example if you left on the 4pm bus to Target, you must come back on the 5pm bus, not the 6 or 7pm. This is to ensure everyone has seats.

B. Lottery trips, like Six Flags and Broadway Shows which have a co-pay (the costs of these trips are heavily subsidized but will require a small contribution). Due to the popularity of these activities, we will be signing interested students up via a lottery system.

a. Polls for these trips will be open until Tuesday night, 9pm.

b. You will be informed about your spot on the trip on Tuesday night, and you will have until Wednesday 11pm (YSS office, Morse B12, is open weekdays 9-5 and 8:30-11) to pay the co-pay in cash. If you have not paid for your spot by this time, your spot will be opened to the waitlist.

c. If you are on the waitlist, you will be informed on Wednesday night of whether there are available spots. You then have until Thursday 11pm to pay the co-pay at the YSS Office a first-come.

C. For other trips, you will have until Tuesday 9pm to sign up, and Wednesday 11pm to pay.

D. DISCLAIMER: Deadlines for all trips will always be specified in the Weekly Trips & Activities email, should they deviate from what is listed above!

Movie Tickets

Movie tickets will be sold for $5 apiece in the Residential Office during open hours (see Residential Office). These are ticket vouchers, which may be exchanged at the Criterion Cinemas theater for a ticket to any movie at any time (no expiration date). A student may purchase up to 2 tickets at a time from the Residential Office.

Yale Summer Session Lecture Series

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