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Welcome from the Yale Writers' Workshop Director, Jotham Burrello

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Dear Writer,

In her acclaimed textbook Writing Fiction, Janet Burroway writes that, during the revision process, writers need their “conscious critic, creative instinct and readers they trust.” Revision is about re-seeing, and Burroway believes serious writers, writers looking to break through, need to be open to new meaning. This is sound advice for any writer in any genre with a story to tell.

Each June, Yale invites dedicated writers (and their pesky conscious critics) with creative instinct to be part of a community of trusted readers. In workshops, we motivate and critique, celebrate and problem-solve. We attempt to transform stories into written experiences for readers. On our historical New Haven campus, we move beyond all the talk to do the hard work of composing compelling narratives.

Working writers and editors are at the heart of the conference. Our talented and energetic instructors guide writers on individual journeys of discovery. Drawing on their unique backgrounds as writers and editors, instructors provide readings and exercises designed to illuminate and to improve all aspects of a writer’s craft—and to facilitate breakthroughs on the page. Sessions do not rely on a set curriculum but instead draw on each instructor’s expertise in order to provide writers with a personalized experience.

Sessions I and II assist writers in advancing their craft and provide insight and instruction on how to revise—on how to re-see—their manuscripts. The endgame of both sessions, however, is this: to leave New Haven better prepared to tackle your next story.  

Welcome to Yale.

Jotham Burrello, Director