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Workshop Descriptions


Kristin Bair

Whether your characters rocket into space or travel cities on subways, in this workshop you’ll learn how to hook readers, create compelling settings, and write dialogue that moves a story forward. You’ll even get a better sense of just what the heck "voice" is all about. We’ll be telling, writing, reading, and talking about stories. Get your pens, keyboards, and imaginations ready.

Graphic Forms

Anne Thalheimer

Graphic storytelling exists in multiple worlds simultaneously; plotting a story, creating characters, and world-building, while also relying on images and visual culture to move narratives forward. We’ll spend some time working with each of these elements while shaping our ideas into stories. No drawing skills are required. Our Graphic Storytelling workshop will begin with an idea and end with a plan. In between, the workshop will combine in-class exercises of varying length along with conversation about tools and techniques.


Sahar Mustafah

This workshop will explore the personal essay as an accessible and entertaining genre for young writers. Participants will examine craft through mentor texts and engage in fun generative writing activities that apply successful creative tools to their own work. They'll excavate inspiration from their lived experiences and identities, ultimately revealing the value of personal stories.


Sean Frederick Forbes

In this course we’ll focus on narrative poetry. As one might surmise, it’s a form of poetry that tells a story using the voices of both a compelling narrator and vibrant characters. Narrative poems may be short or long, and the story it relates to may be complex, comical, dramatic, or somber. It’s a form of poetry with marrow deep roots in the oral tradition: stories passed down from generation to generation dating back thousands of years, a tradition from in every culture. As a poet, I write almost exclusively narrative poems, and I’m often reminded of the stories my maternal grandmother would tell me with such vivid detail; her words was poetry to my ears. We’ll consider how various types of oral and written narratives, whether it be song lyrics or spoken word pieces, or even the written poetic form or digital poetry, helps to inform, influence, and inspire our own poems.