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Frequently Asked Questions


The Application

FAQ: How do I apply?

Visit Admission.  Link will be available shortly.

FAQ: What should my submission be like?

A writing sample is required to complete your application. The sample must be about 500 words and submitted in Word document. Include your name on each page.  Please use font size 12. If your writing sample is more than 1,000 words only the first portion will be reviewed for admission.  Your writing sample needs to be specific to the genre of the workshop to which you are applying.

FAQ: What do you look for in a writing sample?

Young writers attend the workshop to improve their writing, so we expect to read work-in-progress, or a draft from a class project such as a completed essay or short story or poem. (Do NOT submit published work.) The sample should demonstrate an understanding of basic elements of craft such as point of view, grammar, and punctuation. Our best advice: prior to submission, invite a writer friend to read and comment on your submission, and read it aloud to yourself. We’re eager to read your work.

FAQ: When will I learn if I have been accepted to the program?

Admission decisions will be released on April 15, 2022.

FAQ: I don’t have any work of the length requested for the writing sample. Can I submit several shorter pieces?

Yes, but remember, whatever you submit has to be appropriate for that workshop. Please combine all pages into one document for uploading with your application.

FAQ: Can I submit a writing sample outside the genre? For example, even if I am applying for fiction, can I submit an essay or poetry?

Please submit a writing sample appropriate to the genre of your workshop choice. Submitted genre must match the workshop genre. Please do not submit poetry for a fiction workshop.

FAQ: Who should submit the letter of recommendation?

An individual familiar with your writing, such a teacher or writing coach, should submit the letter of recommendation. The letter should address your writing ability and enthusiasm for the craft of writing.

FAQ: If I am accepted, what do I have to do to hold my place?

Remit payment by the deadline. Writers are enrolled in order of payment. A delay in payment may forfeit your slot to a student on the waiting list.


FAQ: Which methods of payment do you accept?

We can accept Visa/MasterCard.

FAQ: Is it possible to obtain a payment plan?

No, we do not offer payment plans.

General Questions

FAQ: How does the Yale Young Writers’ Workshop differ from other programs that have been around a lot longer?

The program’s environment is energetic and friendly. Instructors encourage all writers to find their voice. One key difference from other programs is that you’ll be assigned to read a book from a visiting writer. That writer will give a craft talk to the entire group, and then spend an hour with your genre workshop for more in-depth discussion of the craft of writing. In addition, to help you understand the steps needed for a future writing career, guests will discuss their career paths. Lastly, you should arrive prepared to write. The creative environment at Yale will summon your muse. Be prepared to meet the call.

FAQ: I’ve never participated in a writing program, what should I expect?

First, the program is appropriate for writers of varied abilities who are eager to learn more about the art and craft of writing. To help create a strong community all writers are asked to keep their cameras on during the week. Each day starts with a craft talk from a visiting writer followed by small group workshop for three hours in the afternoon. The craft talks expose writers to genres outside of their own. The workshop is a safe creative space to experiment, play, and develop narrative tools, and new work over the course of the week. Students will generate new material and then read it back to the group for feedback with an eye for revision. You’ll share you work at the end of the week during a student reading. We’ve invited two guests to offer a long view of a career in writing. Fiction and nonfiction writer Nathaniel Rich will share his career path to success. Writer Courtney Maum will offer advice writers can take when they are ready to submit work for publication.

FAQ: What else can I do to prepare?

1. Review the list of invited guests and get familiar with their books, publications, or body of work to be better prepared to hear their presentations.
2. One book will be assigned after acceptance to the program.
3. Be prepared to write while at Yale.

FAQ: Can writers living outside of the United States apply?

Yes, the remote week of workshops allow you to attend virtually.

FAQ: What platform will be used for the online Workshops?

Yale uses Canvas for distance learning. We will provide instructions for use, links to online resources, and a short training video on how to use the platform, plus, we will have a staff member on-call to answer your tech questions. Your workshops in the remote week will be conducted over Zoom.

FAQ: What should I prepare in advance?

In June your instructor will post a writing prompt for you to complete prior to that start of the program in July. You will complete the writing assignment and bring it with you to the first session.

FAQ: What can I read to prepare for the Workshop?

Each genre will be assigned a book to read in advance. Your acceptance letter will outline the book and author assigned to your workshop genre.

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