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Welcome to Summer 2024

Below you will find most of the resources you will need as an instructor for Yale Summer Session. Chief among these resources is our Summer Faculty Handbook. You will also find information on the course selection process, course proposals, salaries, necessary HR forms, requesting classrooms, ordering books, and much more. All necessary forms are also listed at the bottom of this page.



Selecting courses to be offered in the summer happens in the fall semester and is handled jointly by Yale Summer Session and the home department for each individual course. The process is detailed in this document. Courses that have never been taught in the summer must also go through the Course of Study Committee (CSC). Faculty applying to teach a course that must go through CSC will be contacted with instructions on when to submit a proposal.

Salary/HR Forms

Salaries are determined by the Provost of the University. All Yale affiliated instructors must also fill out a Faculty Salary Confirmation Form to ensure accurate effort reporting. Graduate Students must fill out a Graduate Student Confirmation Form.

Instructors new to Yale must fill out the appropriate tax forms including an I-9, W4 Federal and W4 Connecticut. The I-9 must be completed at the Employee Service Center at 221 Whitney Avenue in person with the appropriate ID(s). Others may wish to change their withholdings as the additional summer salary may alter their overall tax liability. Instructors may also sign up for direct deposit. Instructors should note that the first check may not be processed in time to be deposited directly and therefore a paper check may be produced. Most tax forms (Federal and CT W4s, and direct deposit forms) should be completed through Workday.

The I-9 must first be completed electronically through Workday. Then instructors must visit the Employee Services Center at 221 Whitney Avenue with proper ID to complete the process before their first day of class.


Classrooms may be requested by filling out the classroom request form. It is important to request the appropriate A/V needs as well. It is difficult to reassign space during the summer as there are many groups using campus besides Summer Session. Please do not move your class or change your class times, even if students agree to the change. 

If your classroom has a problem, such as air conditioning, broken equipment, broken lighting, etc., please notify Facilities (203-432-6888) for maintenance. If you need help with computers or video equipment please call Classroom Support (203-432-2650).


For those instructors who need to order books through the Yale Bookstore, they may do so on the Adoption and Insights website. Select Yale as the institution from the dropdown menu before logging in with your NetID and password. If you have any questions, please contact the bookstore directly at (203) 777-8440 or The bookstore encourages faculty to submit their requests as early as possible.

Course Enhancements

Academic field trips can be an important—and enjoyable—element of education. They often significantly enhance the content of a course by providing a type of information hard to convey in the classroom.  We define an academic field trip as a course-related activity that serves educational purposes and occurs outside of the classroom at a location other than on the campus at which the course is regularly taught.  Academic field trips are, by definition, university-sponsored events and must conform to specific guidelines as outlined in the Yale College policy on field trips here. Instructors must accompany their students to and from the field trip site and must also fill out the YSS Field Trip Form and return it to the YSS office at least two weeks prior to the date of the field trip.

Inviting guest speakers can be a great method for extending student learning beyond the classroom walls or videoconference session. The expertise of a guest speaker can be strategically leveraged to provide depth, context, application, or diversity of perspectives. All guest speakers for whom you are requesting an honorarium, need to be pre-approved by YSS. Please provide their name, contact information, and the purpose of their visit to your class. Honoraria are offered at a maximum of $200 for a guest speaker to visit an on-campus class and $100 for an online visit. Note: The on-campus amount is intended to cover any travel expenses as these will not be reimbursed separately.

YSS does not provide discretionary funding to instructors who choose to offer snacks/treats for their students.


Photocopying course materials should be done at DOCUPRINT AND IMAGING, 27 Whitney Avenue (203-776-6000) where Summer Session has an account.  It is important to give your name and course title when you have work done to ensure that invoices are referenced and billed properly.  If you must do last minute photocopying and cannot do so at your department or at Docuprint, please be sure to keep your receipt(s) in order for Summer Session to reimburse you.  It is preferable, however, to have your copying done at Docuprint or your department. Please keep in mind that if you are copying several articles and/or chapters you should make a course packet for purchase by the students.

Gym Membership

All summer instructors are entitled to a free gym membership for the duration of the ten-week session.  Optional locker and towel service must be purchased separately. If you would like to utilize the Payne Whitney Gym during the Summer Session, please follow the instructions below.

All instructors need to register at Payne Whitney Gym before they can use it. 

For membership hours, the office is open Tuesday through Friday 10am to 2pm/3:30pm to 5:30pm (closed 2pm to 3:30pm) and Saturdays 10:30am to 1pm. When you arrive at the PWG, please ask for the membership office directly. The Welcome Desk Staff will point you in the right direction. We highly recommend that you book an appointment during the summer to process a membership. To schedule an appointment please use this link: Yale PWG Membership Service Office (

Dining Hall Meals

Instructors teaching a course or a portion of a course in New Haven provided with ten meals which may be used at either of the YSS dining halls. 

Breakfast 7:30am-10:30am, Lunch 11:30am-2:00pm, Dinner 5pm-7:30pm

Note: Meal benefits are extended to instructors only; Summer Assistants do not receive meal swipes from YSS.


Yale Summer Session's Online Teaching Platform

Course space for individual Summer Session courses will be automatically created on the Canvas server around mid-April. Please go to and log in with your Yale NetID and password to access your page. Please email with questions.

Syllabi Submission

Every course should have its syllabus available at Summer Session.  New courses absolutely need to submit a syllabus specifically for the summer to demonstrate how the regular semester course will fit into the short time span of the summer.  All syllabi should be submitted to the Summer Session office in electronic format, no later March 15th to  We provide syllabis online, so that prospective students get a better idea of what sort of workload a particular course might require.

Advertising Courses

It is important to consider advertising your course because courses will be canceled if they do not meet the minimum enrollment numbers. We encourage all faculty to advertise for their own individual courses in any way that seems appropriate. Flyers around campus, emails, and other inexpensive ways to get the word out are all important ways of contributing to good enrollments. If you have ideas, please let us know! You may also want to consult with your home department with respect to the most effective method of communicating to students.


For Faculty Teaching a YSS Program Abroad

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