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Visiting College Students

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Why Choose Yale Summer Session?

Our application is now open. 

Note: In 2021, all courses and programs will be offered online. Visiting students may take online courses, but they may not live on campus.

There are 200 reasons to choose Yale Summer Session: 200 great courses in STEM, pre-med, humanities, arts, and social sciences.   Plus time to explore a full menu of academic opportunities and social events in Yale’s residential colleges.

Programs for Visiting College Students

Visiting college students may apply to the following programs:

Say Yes to Yale Summer Session

  • Small classes with top Yale faculty.
  • Connect with students from across the U.S. and around the world

Link: Resources for Visiting College Students

Yale Summer Session Student Handbook

Summer Activities Calendar

Virtual Tour of the Residential Colleges

Quote: People at Yale are not some distant, unimaginable beings; they're all just normal people.  Every Yalie I've encountered thus far displays an obvious and enormous passion for something: figure skating, education policy, cancer research, and everything in between. Not to mention the diversity of people, geographically, culturally, religiously, linguistically, intellectually.  Everyone is such a defined individual.

Christian Fernandez '20